Join the OST KIT⍺ Early Adopter Program & Earn $OST!

$200,000 worth of $OST rewards available

We are designing OST KIT to be the complete blockchain toolkit for business.

OST KIT gives companies all the tools they need to run a blockchain-powered economy on scalable OpenST side chains, without requiring in-house blockchain developers.

OST KIT⍺ (alpha) is launching in March 2018!

Anyone will be able to sign up at ( and launch their own Branded Token test economy and simulate transactions directly in OST KIT⍺ or via our APIs.

  • Anyone can create an OST KIT⍺ Branded Token test, entirely for free.
  • You do not need to have a company nor do you need to have an app ready to integrate to use OST KIT⍺.
  • You do not need to know how to write code to use OST KIT⍺, however developers can use our APIs to access more features.

OST KIT⍺ is an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and help create a toolkit that meets the real needs of real businesses. Your feedback is the engine that will drive our project forward.

Join the OST KIT⍺ Early Adopter Rewards Program — Earn $OST!

We have created an Early Adopter Rewards Program to thank the first 1,000 people who pre-register and use OST KIT⍺. In total we are giving out up to $200,000 worth of $OST to thank the community for helping test and provide feedback!

Details about the Early Adopter Rewards Program

To earn Early Adopter Rewards:

  1. Join our OST Telegram channel.
  2. Fill out the form ASAP. No later than 48 hours from OST KIT⍺ launch.
  3. You must sign up for OST KIT⍺ and launch a Branded Token [“BT”] economy and simulate at least 10 transactions in order to qualify.

Community Bonus!

If more than 500 unique persons qualify, everyone in the Early Adopters program earns 3x larger bonuses!

The Following Early Adopter Rewards Are Available!

Important Notes

  • Once you are registered as an Early Adopter, we will email you to let you know once OST KIT⍺ is available to use.
  • OST KIT⍺ operates in a test environment. Transactions are not real and the cryptocurrency that changes hands has no real value.
  • Metamask is required to participate. You will use Metamask on Ropsten testnet to sign for token creation transactions.
  • You will mint your own Branded Token on OpenST test side blockchains, by staking OST⍺ on Ethereum testnet. OST⍺ is a test version of the OST cryptocurrency that tracks the public market value of OST. Branded Tokens are only tradable within your ecosystem or for OST⍺. The staking of OST⍺ functions as a reserve against your token, backing the value of your tokens.
  • You can setup various transaction types, add more users, and run simulations directly in OST KIT or via our APIs. Track and analyse your token economy in the dashboards. Audit transactions on the OpenST blockchain with the OST VIEW block explorer.
  • You will get an initial allotment of OST⍺. You can request additional OST⍺ as needed to add more users and run more simulations.
  • You can use OST PRICER, our price oracle, to fix prices in USD for transactions in your community.
  • There is no user-facing wallet in alpha. You will simulate transactions from the company perspective only.
  • There is no cashing-out or exchanging of Branded Tokens in alpha. In the future, holders of your token will have a legal right to the staked OST backing your token, enabling them to cash out or exchange one Branded Token for another.
  • $OST rewards will be airdropped to the same Ethereum account used to participate in the OST KIT⍺ within 7 days after the 29 March.