Launched: OST API v1.0

One of our overall goals at OST is to make blockchain technology and access simpler for everyone. As we took a look at our alpha I API code base as well as feedback from the community, we decided that in order to grow while keeping the platform accessible, we needed to make the code structure simpler and easier to use. As such, we revised most of our structure today to be more intuitive and useful for developers.

The following enhancements are introduced in OST API v1.0 based on the feedback from the community, broadly:

  • Allow users to execute transactions with arbitrary value
  • Allow arbitrary transfers of OSTa on the utility chain in order to deploy and interact with other contracts on the utility chain
  • Improve existing APIs logic based on feedback

Specific changes:

Revised API code

  • Improved existing logic and structure across all APIs
  • Standardized error responses

Released a JavaScript SDK and added a JavaScript SDK Quick Start Guide

Updated Users API

  • POST to /users/create updated to /users, creates a user
  • POST to /users/edit updated to /users/{id}, updates the identified user
  • GET to /users/list updated to /users, gets a list of users
  • GET to /users/{id} added, gets the identified user

Replaced Transaction Types with Actions API

  • POST to /transaction-types/create updated to /actions, creates an action
  • POST to /transaction-types/edit updated to /actions/{id}, updates the identified action
  • GET to /transaction-types/list updated to/actions/{id}, gets the identified action
  • GET to /actions added, gets a list of actions
  • Added Transactions API
  • POST to /transaction-types/execute updated to /transactions, creates new transaction
  • POST to /transaction-types/status updated to, GET to /transactions/{id}, gets the identified transaction
  • GET to /transactions added, gets a list of transactions

Updated Airdrops API

  • POST to /users/airdrop/drop updated to /airdrops, initiates an airdrop
  • GET to /users/airdrop/status updated to /airdrops/{id}, gets the identified airdrop
  • GET to /airdrops added, get a list of airdrops

Added Transfers API

  • POST to /transfers, transfers OST⍺ Prime to an arbitrary address on the utility chain
  • GET to /transfers/{id}, gets the identified transfer
  • GET to /transfers, gets a list of transfers

New Token API

  • GET to /token, gets the branded token economy information

OST | Simple Token Dev Resources

OST stands for “Open Simple Token.” OST aims to be the blockchain technology partner of choice for businesses of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication, enabling any business to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy powered by OpenST protocols and OST blockchain management software. Our signature product, OST KIT⍺, enables you to launch your own Branded Tokens backed by OST⍺ (also referred to as “$OST⍺”).

OST KIT⍺ is built on the OpenST protocol. The OpenST protocol allows for the staking of $OST⍺ on Ropsten Ethereum that enables Branded Tokens to be created, or “minted” on the OpenST network of sidechains. You can learn more about the OpenST Protocol here.

OST KIT⍺ provides you with tools for designing, planning, minting, and managing your branded token economy. With our recent release of OST KIT⍺, along with other features, developers will be able to do the following with APIs:

Quick Start Guide

To get started quickly, try the Ruby SDK Quick Start Guide or the JavaScript SDK Quick Start Guide.

Previous Version of API Documentation

To get to the documentation of the previous version, see OST API v0 Documentation