New Video: Simple Token in 90 Seconds

Here’s the script:

If you’re looking to grow your app without relying on the big guys, Blockchain just might be the answer.

It’s a new technology that empowers developers to make fairer, more democratized digital services.

Blockchain-powered services are more open and transparent, allowing for frictionless transactions, meaningful economic incentives, and more monetization.

But today, Blockchain is a complex futuristic idea — far out of reach from mainstream consumer adoption. It’s the flying car, the fusion power plant, the USB cable you can plug in on the first try. It works in theory, but it’s complicated, expensive and doesn’t yet scale.

As it stands, just one consumer app would completely overwhelm the public Blockchain networks.

That’s why we’re building Simple Token. It’s the bridge between Blockchain and mainstream consumer apps.

Simple Token enables any app to launch their own branded tokens on scalable side-blockchains, with user-friendly Simple Token software.

This robust suite of tools lets you manage your token economy without the risks, costs, and efforts of going it alone — so you can focus on your users and your core business instead of Blockchain infrastructure.

Whether you want to add Blockchain to parts of an existing app, or you’re building a decentralized app from the ground up…Simple Token is your ticket to a more powerful business.