OpenST protocol and platform released to the public under open-source licenses

Jason Goldberg
Oct 28, 2017 · 2 min read

We are building Simple Token to enable mainstream consumer applications to integrate cryptocurrencies seamlessly into their existing applications. By focusing on the user experience of cryptocurrencies we want to spearhead a new chapter of user adoption at internet scale of blockchain technology. Only an open platform can fill this need, so today we are proud to release and open-source OpenST, the technical foundation of the Simple Token project.

We have started building the OpenST protocol and platform as an open-source project and we commit ourselves to an open development ethos and community. Therefore we’re very pleased to share with you our first implementation of the protocol and the platform as we are developing it. What this means is that anyone can review our progress, build on it and contribute back if they want to.

We’ve opened up two repositories on GitHub.

  • The first is openst-protocol where we work on the smart contracts that implement the core of the protocol. These contracts enable a member company to stake value on Ethereum and in a cryptographically auditable way mint branded tokens on a utility side-chain. openst-protocol is available under Apache License 2.0.
  • The second repository is openst-platform where we work on a web3 extension and API’s for any company to integrate their branded tokens into their consumer application. openst-platform is available under GNU LGPLv3 license.

These two new repositories join the OpenST smart contract repository, SimpleTokenSale, for the ST public token sale, previously released under the MIT License.

We look forward to working with the developer community to enhance and extend the value of OpenST and to support development of middleware and applications on top of OpenST.

In a couple of days we will publish an end-to-end implementation of OpenST within the Pepo app integrated on a utility side-chain.

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