OST Presents 7 Partner Company Alpha Phase II Integration Videos

OST’s vision is to be the essential fabric of the decentralized web. One of our core principles to achieving this vision is to work hand in hand with our Partner Companies to build on our platform and provide feedback on how blockchain can help achieve their goals.

As such, we are thrilled to share with you seven Proofs of Concept developed by our signed Partner Companies during our Alpha Phase II. Each partner company minted a branded token with the OpenST protocol and utilized OST technology to integrate into their applications. Their POCs mark the beginning of a journey where our Partners are working on new and exciting ways to tokenize their communities.

All POC videos below are listed in alphabetical order.


ConnectScale is a sports fishing social community built around a connected device for weighing and tracking catch data from fishing trips. The team wanted to test and achieve the following three goals for their POC:

  • Create ConnectCoin, a Branded Token, with the balance showing in the User Interface within the app
  • Reward new users with ConnectCoin for creating a new account
  • Distribute tokens to each user that added a catch to the app during the testing phase

The team built their POC in the private beta version of their upcoming ConnectScale 3.0 iOS app release. The redesigned app adds a social element that helps anglers keep track of catch data.

https://connectscale.com/ | https://twitter.com/ConnectScale


When one of Fainin’s founders was still living in a dorm, he saw the business potential for a well-organized way to borrow stuff you rarely use like a drill or a tripod. Backed by a major insurer, Fainin will also feature “try before you buy” and “rent on location” products, like a pair of skis when staying at an AirBnB in the Alps.

Fainin’s primary goal was to successfully integrate OST as a blockchain solution to offer more transparency and security as well as rewarding Fainin users with tokens that can then be re-used either within or outside their community.

Fainin’s POC demonstrates the successful API integration with OST into their app using their in-house built Java SDK. Their SDK triggers calls to and from OST to facilitate the following events:

  • Rewarding users for signing up
  • Allocating tokens
  • Retrieving balances

Supporting documentation on their POC can be found on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/account/user/fainindevelopers/projects/BAC

https://fainin.com/en/ | https://twitter.com/fainin_sharing


License.Rocks is building a platform for decentralized software licensing through tokenization. Their vision is to develop a framework for defining how digital products such as software can be licensed and create new business opportunities and sales channels for creators of digital products.

The goal of their POC was to explore a way to tokenize a license. To achieve this, License.Rocks created a no-frills UX and built a smart contract that allows anyone to create their own license.

The developers posted documentation supporting their POC in a private repository on Github: https://github.com/LicenseRocks/ost-poc

http://license.rocks/ | https://twitter.com/licenserocks


Radmule Labs is a mobile game studio focusing on new and innovative ways of gaming. By building a game that has a token economy using OST, Radmule wants to let players earn tokens they can spend on other apps in the OST network.

Radmule’s POC demonstrates a gaming environment in which the game’s economics are tokenized. The POC provides a baseline for different types of games with their first title being a horse racing game. Players can breed, train and trade horses as well as attend races to win Branded Tokens called PonyRacer.

Their POC incentivizes the following events:

  • Creating a user account
  • Performing transactions like buying a horse
  • Spending PonyRacer for training
  • Attending the races by spending PonyRacer
  • Collecting the winnings in PonyRacer

The team hopes to write the required smart contracts on OST sidechains for breeding and custom creation of horses later this year.

Radmule released an Android APK for their POC which can be downloaded at https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CILSkQHZlsBk3IuFmzGNIgBzObyr4_pi

https://www.radmule.com/ | https://twitter.com/radmule


The Brightly Co. wants to change the world through conscious shopping. They are catering to the millennial generation, who are overwhelmingly supportive (72%) of buying products that are made ethically and sustainably.

The team aimed for their POC to demonstrate rewarding points for community-specific actions on the front-end and back-end.

Within the Brightly Co. platform, users are rewarded for shopping, participating in the community, and creating content. Tokens are sent to a user’s wallet for actions such as:

  • Buying a product
  • Adding a product to a wish list
  • Creating a new topic
  • Liking a post
  • Referring a friend
  • Writing a review

These tokens can be redeemed for perks, products, and eventually an option to gift to non-profits.

https://thebrightly.co/ | https://twitter.com/thebrightlyco


The people behind Touriocity used to run their own tour company in Rome when they noticed a growing trend in people looking for tailor-made itineraries. Tour buses and the same, tired walk around the Colosseum just didn’t cut it anymore. Touriocity is all about making city trips a unique, personal experience.

Their POC focused on facilitating two types of transactions:

  • Rewarding tour guides for joining the Touriocity platform
  • Customers paying tour guides in TOUR coins

When we first announced our partnership with Touriocity, CEO Alex Grant said: “Blockchain will solve a number of current challenges we face and make us very competitive: Think of loyalty and referral schemes, micropayments, tour guide incentives and local promotions.”

https://touriocity.com/ | https://twitter.com/touriocity


Twilala connects people in your area who share a mutual interest, from climbing mountains to wine tasting. You can use their app to exchange ideas, recommend locations or to organize meet-ups for like-minded people. Though currently focused on the Spanish market, Twilala hopes to cater to millions of people all over the world by 2020.

Twilala’s POC focused on demonstrating the following transactions with their “TWIC” token:

  • Reward users who participate in chats with TWICs
  • Make users pay 1 TWIC every time they “swipe” a like-minded person to the left (disapprove) or right (approve)
  • Send and receive TWICs between members of the same chat groups

https://www.twilala.es/ | https://twitter.com/twilala_app

A big thank you to all of the partners who participated in Alpha Phase II! We look forward to sharing more updates from our partner companies as they continue to develop on OST technology.

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