Ost Technology Update: It’s Now Even Easier To Build on Ethereum With Ost Layer-2

Jason Goldberg
Feb 11 · 4 min read

The team at Ost technology has been working hard to improve our platform to make it even easier for developers to build dapps with their own tokens on our Ethereum Layer-2 infrastructure. We have recently released several major updates, including:

Taken together, these updates are designed to deliver a greatly simplified developer experience that significantly reduces the time it takes to integrate Ost technology into existing applications and tech stacks. Now it’s even easier to build an Ethereum dapp on Ost.

Here’s an overview of the improvements:

Support for In-App Custom Loaders

It’s now possible for developers to customize their loaders to suit their particular projects. Specific new capabilities include the ability to choose:

  • Loader gifs
  • Success and failure icons
  • Success messages
  • Loading-text messages

Regardless of the mobile wallet SDK being used, custom loaders must be implemented in Android and iOS native code base. You can learn more about implementation at the Github pages for our Android Custom Loader and iOS Custom Loader.

Support for Custom Error Messages

App developers can now choose their own end-user and developer error messages. For more information please see React Native Error Messages.

Wallet Settings UI View

Developers can now implement a single “wallet settings” view covering all possible wallet actions and settings. This eliminates the prior need to implement 10 or more individual wallet workflows, an improvement that should significantly reduce integration time. The “wallet settings” view, which is dependent on device and user status, is updated as these change.

The RN Wallet SDK Can Now Be Implemented with just 4 Macro Workflows

In January we released a major update to Ost’s RN Wallet SDK, Version 2.3.12-beta.

With this version of the SDK, implementation is reduced to just 4 macro-workflows:

  • Activate user
  • Set up device
  • Wallet settings: UI view as described above
  • Transaction with add session: developers are no longer required to check whether an active session exists. Instead, the SDK will perform the check and trigger the “add session” workflow if a new session needs to be created.

For more information, see Ost Wallet SDK Macro Workflows (Jan 2020)

New Transactions Webhook

Ost’s Webhooks allow you to subscribe to specific events or topics within the Ost Platform. Whenever an event occurs that meets your parameters, the Webhook collects the data and sends it in the form of an HTTP request to a URL you specify. Once you receive the data, you can then execute any code on your server app. For example:

  • If you subscribe to the users/activation_success topic, then once a user is activated in the Ost Platform, you will receive a notification, following which you can execute any logic. For example, you can update the user with updated user entity in your database.
  • If you subscribe to transactions/initiate, you can show a recipient the details of a transaction as soon as it is initiated. Without subscribing to this Webhook, receivers would only see these transactions — in their transactions ledger — once they reached SUCCESS status, i.e., after they had been mined (6 blocks x 3 secs = 18 secs later).

For more information, see Introduction to OST Platform WebHooks · OST SDKs

startTime and endTime for Transactions API Endpoint

To retrieve >10,000 transactions — the maximum number allowed at this time — developers can now specify a startTime and endTime. For more information, see https://dev.ost.com/platform/docs/api/#get-all-user-transactions.

Ost Technology — A Turnkey Solution for Ethereum Developers

Our goal is for Ost tech to enable anyone to build a dapp on Ethereum easily. That’s why we continue to work to make the platform as simple and developer-friendly as possible. We’re always excited to meet and learn from developers building dapps on Ethereum, so be sure to get in touch with us if you’re working on a project.

And don’t forget to find us at ETHDenver this week if you’re attending the event — our team will be traveling to the Mile High City this Thursday.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter for further updates.


Seamlessly integrate crypto micro-transactions into any…

Jason Goldberg

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Founder, CEO, product at Pepo, Ost Technology, openst, mosaicdao.



Seamlessly integrate crypto micro-transactions into any app. OST Platform is the first full-featured “no-code” blockchain platform — a set of unified dashboards, APIs, SDKs, and protocols that any business can use. Launching the Pepo app in autumn 2019 https://pepo.com/

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