OST JAN — $OST Monthly Roadmap Update

This post is the first in a series of official monthly updates to the Simple Token, OST, community about all facets of the OST project. Future posts in this series will typically be published in the first couple days of each month. We will, of course, continue to release other breaking $OST news as it happens.

Please note: All dates provided are directional and subject to change based on business requirements and macroeconomic conditions. While we intend to provide the community with detailed and highly transparent updates, information on some projects may be withheld due to confidentiality agreements or competitive market dynamics.

Product Development

OST KYC is the first crypto-powered complete KYC/AML & Whitelisting management platform for ICO’s. Process thousands of applicants smoothly and securely. Developed for the OST ICO. Will be made available for any company to use. Volume-based billing, only in $OST. 
Release date— late January 2018

OST KIT alpha is the first public version of our complete blockchain toolkit for businesses. In OST KIT alpha any company will be able to design an OST-powered token economy and simulate transactions on testnet. OST KIT alpha is being built for both business persons and developers, with robust API’s available for developer use
Release date — February 2018

OST KIT alpha will include early versions of the following features:

  • Token Management Dashboard
  • Token Economy Planner
  • Staking OST on Ethereum & minting Branded Tokens on OpenST sidechains
  • Setup transaction types: Peer-to-peer, Company-to-customers, Customers-to-Company
  • OST Price Oracle: Enabling transaction values to be set in fiat value, BT to auto-adjust
  • OST Pricer: Enabling companies to collect commissions/revenue for certain transactions
  • User setup
  • Airdrop Branded Tokens tokens to selected users
  • Key Management alpha
  • Gas reserves and transaction fees on OpenST side blockchains
  • Simulator
  • Analytics
  • Developer console
  • Developer API’s

OST VIEW is our home grown block explorer which will include insights into ETH transactions on the public block and on OpenST sidechains. Release date — February 2018

OST CAMPAIGNS is the first crypto-powered complete enterprise grade email marketing solution. Currently processing millions of monthly transactions under a different brand name. Will be made available as a standalone product and integrated into OST KIT over time. Volume-based billing, only in $OST. Release date — February 2018

OST WALLET is our consumer-facing wallet for transacting within and across OST-powered Branded Token economies. Release date — Q2 2018.

OpenST Protocol 1.0 extends current and future OpenST 0.9.x release versions to include session key management, proof of stake validators, and specifications for open validation and OpenST block rewards. Release date — Q2 2018

Partner Companies & OST-Powered Projects

This week we announced 11 new OST partner companies to bring the total of announced OST-powered projects under development to 20.

While any person/company will be able to use OST products as they are released, early OST partners benefit by providing direct input into our features and roadmap, and helping shape the OST platform to ensure that it meets their unique business needs.Early partners also benefit from OST input on their products, token economics and blockchain technology integration.

Select OST partners can also receive OST token grants to help fund their development and incentivize their project teams.

Interested in partnering with OST? Join our telegram, contact us at partners@ost.com and share your project or startups token economy ambitions.

In the coming weeks we will be announcing more signed partner companies and OST-powered projects. We will continue to announce more startups in batches like we did on our first OST Startup Day, as well as larger projects from established companies. Release date — ongoing.


In the last 30 days we made OST available for purchase on 3 of the top cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance, Huobi, and OKEx. OST is also listed on Gate.io.

We remain committed to making sure that people and companies who want to make use of OST have the best places to purchases OST. More exchanges will be announced soon. Release date — ongoing.


The OST team consists of 30+ professionals. Our two main offices are in Berlin, Germany and Pune, India. We also have remote team members in Montreal, Canada, and Singapore.

We are currently hiring for more than 20 roles. The best way to get our attention about a position is to present us with some substantive thoughts on the OST solutions and how you can contribute to our development and growth.

ICO Finalization

All bonus tokens from our 14 November — 1 December public ICO were successfully distributed on 15 January, 2017, effectively closing out the ICO.

Private sale purchasers in our ICO have their tokens released monthly over a 12 month period from the end of the ICO.

Circulating Supply

Our current forecast for circulating OST supply entering the market and then leaving the market as OST are staked by companies can be found here. The actual circulating supply at any moment in time can be found via this API or via CoinMarketCap.

Legal Disclaimers

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Purchasing, holding or using cryptographic tokens carries significant potential financial, regulatory and other risks, including potential loss of the entire value of Payment.

Tokens are only for sophisticated purchasers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the features and risks of digital platforms, digital assets, blockchain technology and smart contracts. Potential purchasers should determine for themselves the relevance of the information contained in this document and related materials, in each case as supplemented from time to time, and the necessity for additional enquiry, research and professional advice.