Partnering with OST

Our plan for Simple Token, “OST,” is to be the leading technology platform and business partner for mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies.

We are preparing a number of Simple Token partnering developments in the coming weeks, including:

  • Introducing more companies who are partnering with OST to power their crypto currencies.
  • Unveiling new programs for developers to integrate OST and OST-powered branded tokens into their businesses and apps.
  • Revealing details around several new OST-based crypto-currency projects underway.

To kick things off, in this video we provide a brief update on Simple Token alpha development and an overview of what Simple Token looks for in partners.

The OpenST Network Accelerator Program Grants

Simple Token and the OpenST Foundation are able to offer developers and companies OST token grants to help fund their OST-powered projects.

14% of the OST token supply is currently reserved for unallocated Network Accelerator grants, which today has a market value of around $100M, that OST plans to put to work towards fueling OST-powered projects.

To learn more about partnering with Simple Token, please visit our website at, join our Telegram channel at and drop us a line at