Simple Token Prepares Flying Start to 2018

Happy holidays from Simple Token!

It’s been 26 days since our ICO ended and our teams are working throughout the holidays to ensure a flying start to 2018.

Here’s just some of what our teams are currently working on.

Simple Token alpha

In early 2018 we will launch Simple Token alpha, which will be the first Simple Token release on top of the OpenST protocol and platform.

Simple Token alpha will include the first B2B dashboard for managing cryptocurrency communities powered by OST. This release will contain early versions of our Token Design, Transaction, and Administration modules. It will enable companies to setup and simulate OST-powered token economies. It will also contain a developer console so that developers will be able to simultaneously view code running on Ethereum mainnet and on OpenST side blockchains as transactions are executed within their simulated Branded Token economy.

Simple Token KYCaaS

During our token sale we developed our own KYC front-end registration process and back-end and admin tools completely from-scratch, on top of a blue chip 3rd party provider’s database. Our tight integration and flexible admin tools enabled us to process KYC requests in under 4 minutes during the height of our ICO. We’ve been receiving a ton of demand for this KYC-as-a-service offering and we’ve thus decided to release it as a product that any ICO’ing company can use. Pricing will be in OST on volume basis.

We will then be expanding this KYCaaS and integrating it into the broader Simple Token solution so that Simple Token Member Companies can utilize it within their Branded Token communities.

Our KYCaaS offering is just one example of the types of mini projects that will blossom under the Simple Token umbrella in the months to come.

Simple Token Partner Companies

We field dozens of inbound requests each week from companies who want to tokenize with Simple Token. Their success is our ultimate success.

Simple Token Developer Ecosystem

Another area we very excited about is rolling out our developer program which will seed teams and projects building on OST.

More Places to Purchase OST

We announced a debut listing of OST on Binance on 19 December, 2017. We’ll be announcing more places for people to purchase OST in early 2018.

Simple Token is Hiring

We are hiring for multiple positions in our Berlin, Germany and Pune, India offices, as well as looking for some remote workers. You can expect 20+ job specs posted in the coming days for more than 40 open positions. You can view the latest openings here.

We are looking for people who crave a challenge -- who want to work at the nexus of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and the future of business and society. We are a fast moving team with high expectations and a rewarding culture of learning, mentoring, and coaching. If you’re looking to have a practical impact and solve real-world problems with blockchain technologies, get in touch with us!

Simple Token makes every team member an owner and stakeholder. For more details on Simple Token please visit

About Simple Token

Simple Token is building the complete blockchain toolkit for business. Simple Token (traded as “OST” and built on the OpenST protocol) enables mainstream businesses to easily deploy and manage their own branded crypto-backed token economies, powered by Simple Token. Simple Token recently completed its successful public token sale, during which the project achieved 189% of its original target, with more than 6,000 unique buyers globally purchasing $21M worth of Simple Tokens.


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