Update — 96 Hours into the Simple Token ICO

  • After the first 96 hours of the Simple Token sale we have now achieved 80% of our target of 100 million ST sold.
  • The ST token sale runs until 1 December or until the absolute hard cap of 240M ST is sold.
  • 13 purchasers participated in a private pre-sale before the public sale, purchasing an average of 900 ETH worth of ST. These purchasers received 27% bonuses on average and their ST is locked into 12 month vesting schedules.
  • 1706 purchasers have participated in the public sale.
  • The average purchaser in the public sale has bought 4.48 ETH worth of ST.
  • Purchasers come from 94 countries.

Yesterday Ian Balina did an AMA with me to get an update on the Simple Token project and the progress of the token sale.


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  • the nature and the extent of the risks to which you may be exposed by participating in the Token Sale or purchasing, holding, transferring or exchanging Tokens, including those set out in the Risk Disclosure; and
  • the regulatory, tax and accounting treatment of participating in the Token Sale and purchasing, holding, transferring or exchanging Tokens, as well as any other relevant implications.