Welcome Wooshii! Developing the new currency for video production with OST

OST, aka “Simple Token” today announces our 23rd partner company, Wooshii, who will be using OST to deploy a branded cryptocurrency safely, simply and securely to the video production market.

Wooshii is the video production management solution powering the world’s video teams for corporate clients including Google, eBay, Virgin, Merck, eBay, and British Airways.

Wooshii is both a marketplace and a platform for video producers to collaborate on videos for external clients.

The Wooshii digital community already has a fully functional platform serving corporate customers like Google, eBay, Virgin and many others. Tokenizing this marketplace will help us to build a more cohesive digital community, and create more value for all participants.
Big brands and enterprises are looking to produce and distribute videos more than ever before. Wooshii enables these businesses to quickly scale their video productions in terms of volume, skills and geography.
Few businesses have the ability to localize video for different languages, different dialects, while hitting the aggressive timelines required for modern brands working in the near-instant world of modern social media communications.
Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO and founder of Wooshii

Meeting the Growing Demand for Production Quality Video

Online video production is no longer merely the domain of major broadcast TV networks. Today, video is being produced for distribution down across many different channels, whether that be on television, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, or any number of undiscovered future options. As mobile data networks continue to grow, demand for video is likely to keep pace.

Wooshii is a rapidly growing video production platform which is already used by more than 13,000 production managers to keep projects, people and content aligned from communication to schedules, feedback to budgets, files to tasks. It fits perfectly with the OST mission to move blockchain and cryptocurrency technology from the hypothetical to real mainstream applications.

As anyone who has worked with video knows, for many organisations, video production doesn’t scale very well — organisations often need work done in different locations, at rapidly changing volumes, and also for sometimes short periods of time. In that context, Wooshii’s solution of offering a global network of video freelancers has great potential to solve this problem faced by people who want videos produced.

Why Wooshii Chose OST

The Wooshii team had been thinking about implementing some form of rewards and point system for some time and more recently began researching crypto-based solutions.

With a global platform and a vision for a decentralized network of video production partners, Wooshii was interested by the possibilities of blockchain, but wary of the costs and complexities. The Wooshii team are passionate and expert at video, not blockchain coding.

The Wooshii team first heard about Simple Token / OST while researching tokenization solutions, and stumbling across a podcast about Simple Token.

This sounds like the Wordpress of Blockchain. Simple Token promises a quick and easy way to do this, while I can focus on my business without having to pay the cost of blockchain coding in terms of time, money, people or resources.
Fergus Dyer-Smith, CEO and founder of Wooshii

Uses for OST

The Wooshii community has a number of obvious uses for a Wooshii token powered by OST, at various different scales –to transfer both small and large units of value. In that sense, the Wooshii is a perfect example network of a community of people who support each other by being connected, but are also fragmented. They need to overcome that fragmentation to deal with each other all the time.

With planning already underway to develop and deploy tokens in the Wooshii platform, opportunities to use tokens are already clear. Wooshii plans to enable members of the community to use tokens to give kudos, recognition and rewards for good work. This is especially important in video production, where it is important to publicly recognize and credit the work performed on team projects.

In addition, Wooshii sees opportunities to use tokens to incentivize participation within the network, which has complementary benefits to participants: the more people participate and contribute, the more value all participants get from the network.

Because Wooshii is primarily a marketplace for freelancers to compete for work, there is administrative work that is required outside of doing actual video production. There’s still a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes — for example, someone might contribute to writing a pitch, but not win the work. Tokens will allow members of the Wooshii community to gather recognition and rewards, which can then be powerful symbols of endorsement.

Finally, many video production teams will include members from different countries, and the Wooshii token can be used for quick and cheap cross-country payment processing.

Wooshii is Ready to Tokenize

Wooshii is a live platform and marketplace with strong corporate customers, a thriving network of video producers, and significant revenues.

The Wooshii team has already been working behind the scenes to make various plans for their forthcoming OST-powered token deployments.

We anticipate team Wooshii being amongst the first users of ostKIT alpha launching in early March, as they get going on planning and implementing their Wooshii token.

Working together, we’re hopeful that the Wooshii token will be used by the platform’s end-users and customers in the first half of 2019.

About OST

OST is building the complete blockchain toolkit for business.

Our ambition is to be the blockchain technology partner of choice for businesses of all sizes and levels of technical sophistication, enabling any business to create, launch, and manage their own branded digital token economy powered by OpenST protocols and OST blockchain management software. The OpenST protocol enables companies to launch branded token economies on highly scalable, open, cryptographically auditable side blockchains. OST is actively investing in an ecosystem of developers and apps built on OST, to help drive requirements from actual use cases.

Wooshii is the 23rd partnership announced to-date for OST. We hope to showcase Wooshii as an example of how mainstream companies with consumer-grade transaction volumes can embrace blockchain with OST and the OpenST protocol.