We’re Buying up to 10M of $OST to Invest in More OST Projects

We have three priorities at Simple Token, “OST,” for 2018:

  1. Build a great OST workplace.
  2. Launch high-value OST solutions that further mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies.
  3. Foster an ecosystem of OST powered projects and success stories.

One of the important ways we support the emerging OST ecosystem is by providing seed grants and investments to teams building OST-powered projects. Our support helps fund product development as a substitute for traditional angel or VC money. Our investments are provided on long-term vesting schedules and tied to ongoing support for OST, to ensure continued alignment.

Today, as the broader crypto market is facing a period of adjustment, our for-profit company, OST.com Ltd, has made the decision to purchase OST on the open market for the purpose of investing it in more OST-powered projects. We believe the market is currently undervaluing OST and that there is a perception gap between the current market price and the reality and potential of OST. At today’s prices, we can best deploy OST as investments in future OST projects.

We will be purchasing up to 10 million OST on the open market.