Imran Nuri’s Goal to Inspire

By Miranda Koewler

Third year finance major Imran Nuri has paved a path for himself through determination, creativity and curiosity, and has dedicated his time at Ohio State to inspiring others to do more than they ever thought they could.

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Imran: I’m studying business with a specialization in finance. I chose finance because I saw it as the most versatile major in the Fisher College of Business. I’m also working on a minor in design thinking. During my first year, I took a design class about improving the environment around you, which challenged me to think critically and find creative, new solutions to difficult problems.

My biggest involvement is definitely in serving as President of BuckeyeThon. In my sophomore year of high school, I started getting involved through my high school dance marathon program, which was an extension of BuckeyeThon here at Ohio State. I grew passionate about the cause through my continued involvement and the stories I heard.

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I also helped start the Student Philanthropy Council (SPC), which is tasked with fostering a spirit of philanthropy on campus. Through SPC, I helped create a 20-year vision of a campus culture of giving back.

Most recently, I’ve been accepted to and an active part of the Fisher Honors Cohort Program. This is an MBA-like experience during your third and fourth years that challenges you to think critically about the world. I’ve been able to go to Chicago and San Francisco to meet and learn from CEOs of local companies there and am currently working on my “Impact Challenge” — my group and I are putting together a refugee art gallery to spread awareness about the refugee community in Columbus and how to support them.

First, I would say kind. It drives a lot of what I am doing. BuckeyeThon centers a lot around kindness because the students are working selflessly for a common goal. They are getting no reward and often not ever meeting the people who are being impacted by their efforts.

The second word would be leader. I love to inspire others, because everybody has the ability to lead — they just have to find that drive within themselves. Lastly, I will say ambitious. For a long time, I was driven by an end goal to be the President of BuckeyeThon. I accomplished that goal a year before I thought I would, but it has been such an honor.

First, the idea that Ohio State has anything and everything you could possibly want to do. My biggest reason for coming was definitely BuckeyeThon itself. In high school, I got to see the opening ceremonies and be inspired by the community, camaraderie and energy surrounding the Dance Marathon.

I have always been passionate about philanthropy because of my mom. I give her credit for my learning the value philanthropy at a young age. With BuckeyeThon, the biggest philanthropic approach is fundraising. There is a lot of power in a few dollars, so we are raising as much as we can can to help us do as much as we can. I believe that whatever it may be, we can all find a cause we care about, and find a way to give back.

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“This painting is called ‘The Book Worm’ and was done with oils on a wood panel. This painting is about pursuing one’s passions even in circumstances that aren’t ideal. It’s about perseverance and finding peace even in darkness.” —Imran Nuri

I’ve always considered myself an artist and creative person. I find so much satisfaction in knowing that I created something and put it together. I try to shoot photos or videos, make a short film or work on a painting every month. It spills over into my work with BuckeyeThon because creativity is more than what we typically view as “art.” Design thinking helps to foster that creativity within people and find new solutions.

As a student, having that “.edu” email address and being young gives you a lot of connections here at Ohio State. I urge you to reach out to anyone you can to connect and learn more about their experiences. Leaders are always interested in mentoring and helping young people, so take advantage of the knowledge they are willing to give you. The worst that can happen is they say “no” — but the best is that you meet your mentor. Just get comfortable with putting yourself out there.

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Thanks, Imran!

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