The Real Deal

Will Leitch is an amazing person. After being late to class, I found my seat and was imediatly intrigued in the conversation. I wanted to know exactly what what this man had to say. I have so much respect for how he has had such a successful career.“After starving for months because I wasn’t making money, I finally found my way” were some of the first words out of his mouth. I found it so cool that he did whatever he could to write and it did not matter that he wasn’t making much money, he was going to do it because he loved it. After skyping with him, I really found a new confidence and a new outlook on my career.

Mr. Leitch literally started a national website and pioneered a new type of sports-writing. Barstool Sports followed in the footsteps Deadspin had made and many other sites are now trying to get that same type of style. What I found interesting, was how the name originated for website. When I first heard the name, I thought professor Moritz was referencing a pornographic website that went viral when I was younger. It was not what I had thought at all. In the skype meeting, he even acknowledged that they were aware of it after they had given the website its name. Like some reporters, he did not act all uppity like he knew all the tricks of the trade. Just like his writing, he had a way about his words seemed like very cool person. He was down to earth and just a grat to get insight from. Leitch went on to talk about how much of a fan of sports he was and continues to be. He made a crucial point about if one lost their passion even a little bit for sports, you should stop and find another career path. The skype meeting really put into gave me a better grasp what it was like to sit in press row or the press box and essentially how to stick from other writers and how to be different. Mr. Leitch wanted to change the norm of writing, and because of that, Deadspin really did take off and blew up.

The most intriguing part was when he described the differnet type of things he had to do just to get a shot. For example, he preached about how he would walk his kid to school every morning, then walk back home and hop on his laptop to write. Perfecting his craft slowly, he eventually found his voice and writing style only after getting reps every day. That really resonated with me because I related it to the gym. After you keep working out for a longer period you get stronger and better at what you are doing. That is the same with writing, or anything career based. It really opened my eyes to my future and I learned a valuable lesson. That lesson being, you may struggle at first in your career, but if you love it, it will all work itself out. Especially if you keep at it and work hard it. After struggling in writing, Leitch kept at it and the result was a website he created from the ground up. If he can do it, I truly feel that I can also succeed. Skyping with Leitch was an amazing experience and I would love to work for him if there ever came a chance.