#155: ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ Lottery — 3 Winners Announcement!

Otaku Coin
Apr 19 · 3 min read

Thank you for making an entry into the ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ present lottery campaign. We at the Otaku Coin Association were overwhelmed by the positive response we received towards our project. This includes not only the lottery but the sales of our 97 NFTs which sold out quickly.

We thank all our supporters for waiting.

In this blog, we will announce the winners of coins #098, #099, and #100 from the set of ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’.

(Drum roll)

(Drum roll)

(Drum roll)

The 3 lucky winners who have won the lottery are as follows!

#098 @CloudandCollect

#099 @bainyako

#100 @NIRVANA0138


We will contact the winners via Twitter, through a DM, or a tweet reply. We ask for your patience while we prepare and will help you through the process of receiving your Limited Edition Otaku Coin.

Also, as of today, the sales of our ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ on Rarible will come to a close. Hereafter, the testing of secondary distribution royalties will continue on marketplaces such as OpenSea (secondary distribution/sales). For those interested, please make sure to buy one while you can!

■ Marketplace Purchases


Due to the positive response and feedback we have received, we plan to hold a 2nd lottery campaign with our ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ series. In collaboration with our partners, we plan to continue our experimental projects in order to invigorate the anime industry and community. Through our pioneering activities, we aim to support the growth of anime culture around the world.

■ ‘100 Limited Edition Otaku Coins’ NFT List


Please look forward to our projects and activities at the Otaku Coin Association in the future!

Otaku Coin

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