#123: Win a Nintendo Switch Lite! Otaku Coin 2020 New Year Present Campaign Starts!

Happy New Year! Wishing you the best for the new year!

Otaku Coin
Jan 5 · 3 min read

Hello to all! How was the start to the New Year?

Firstly we at the Otaku Coin Association want to express our gratitude for all the support from our users throughout last year. For us, 2019 was the year of building the base of the Otaku Coin concept with big strides forward. The incorporation of our association, creating a bridge between global fans and anime studios with our interview and message project, the kick off of “Tokyo Honyaku Quest”, “irekae” and joint projects with “Dapps”. It was a busy but fruitful year.

In 2020, we will do our best in striving to create more opportunities to spread the Otaku culture more and more. We hope to receive your support continuous in 2020.

Same as last year, first up this year we also have a special New Year campaign!

This year, we have a lottery with a “Nintendo Switch Lite” console up for grabs!

Please give it a go and try out your luck first up this year!

▼How to enter the New Year Present campaign

Campaign Entry Period: 2/1/2020 (Thu) ~ 12/1/2020 (Sun) JST

① Open the Official Otaku Coin App



② Enter the required details in the application form (Including following and retweeting our official twitter account).

③ After completing the application, you will be redirected to a video. Using the Otaku Coin Official App, scan the randomly chosen QR code that is displayed in the video. (For users on a smartphone, we recommend taking a screenshot of the QR code, or using two devices with a friend).

④ When the “Continue to load the New Year present campaign?” message pops up, click “OK” and wish for good luck!

How many Otaku Coins (New Year Present) did you win!?

※ A “New Year Present” or “Otoshidama” is a traditional Japanese and Chinese custom that involves adults giving children a money gift during New Years. The present is a small amount of money packaged in a “Pochibukuro” small pouch. Our Otaku Coin Official App has many anime fan users from around the world, so here we have given a simple explanation of “Otoshidama” a custom very important to the Japanese people. Together with Otaku Coin, we hope that this very fun custom can be shared around the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. We hope to receive your continuous support for the coming year!

Don’t forget to download our app and follow us on social media!



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Otaku Coin

A community currency for anime, manga, and video game fans around the world

Otaku Coin

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For anime, manga, and video game fans around the world, "Otaku Coin" cryptocurrency is now under consideration FB: https://www.facebook.com/otakucoin/

Otaku Coin

A community currency for anime, manga, and video game fans around the world

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