#126: We delivered a poster full of support messages to “Yaoyorozu” the animation studio that has opened new doors in the animer world and creators of “Kemono Friends”, “Kemurikusa” and “Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono”.

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Jan 23 · 3 min read

Stories with super active and unique and characters full of originality.

This time we visited the anime studio that has been opening new creative doors in the anime industry “Yaoyorozu”.

Their most famous title to date “Kemono Friends” became the hot topic of new anime in the 2017 winter anime lineup. During the time of airing, the interpretation of the story that features humanoid animal characters created controversy within the anime’s fans. To an extent that fans would debate over social media.

Last year, Director Tatsuki and his anime production team “irodori” started fresh with a completely different genre anime called “Kemurikusa”. A survival story of 3 sisters living in a devastated post-apocalyptic world overrun with red fog. On first glance the sisters have a good relationship, but as the story progresses mystery upon mystery is revealed. A thrilling story that keeps anime fans mesmerized until the very end.

For Yaoyorozu, through the Otaku Coin Official app we brought them messages of support on behalf of fans around the globe. We believe that the fan’s voice will definitely be the power for their next big hit, and the catalyst for a new creation that the world has yet to see. We look forward to receiving your ‘voice’ through messages more in the future!

About the Project

Since the summer of 2018, Otaku Coin partnered with “Anime! Anime!” and “Tokyo Otaku Mode”, is currently working on an ‘Interview’ project called “The Exciting Future Being Created by World-Renowned Anime Production Studios”. With the support of Otaku Coin the project has topped 20 studios!

Currently, the project consists of collecting messages from fans through the Otaku Coin Official app and printing the fan’s ‘true’ voice on a poster. Finally delivering the poster directly to the studio. We have received messages of support from more than 100 countries around the world with a total of more than 45,000 messages.

Look forward to more interviews with a variety of anime production studios. Also our “Create and Give” project’s next installment! We will continue to accept your messages to anime studios through the Otaku Coin Official app, so please lend us your voice!

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Otaku Coin

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Otaku Coin

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Otaku Coin

A community currency for anime, manga, and video game fans around the world

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