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#134: Anime Site Collaboration Project Nippon Animation Part 2: Leading animation studio ‘Nippon Animation’ famous for creating anime industry classics such as ‘World Masterpiece Theater Series’ and ‘Chibi Maruko-chan’. Part 1 consisted of an interview with Director Jun Takagi. Part 2 is an exploration of the studio’s history.

Part 1 Check out the Interview with Nippon Animation Director Jun Takagi here

Founded in 1975. Starting from the ‘World Masterpiece Theater Series’ generation, an animation studio with production equipment and documents that are classed as treasures of anime history.

Inside the Nippon Animation building the studio is decorated with pieces of anime history such as the ‘Artwork from Anne of Green Gables’, ‘Map of locations featured in the World Masterpiece Theater Series’ and ‘Cells from various series’. In this interview the studio gave us special permission to enter the very private ‘Document storage room’. A place where fans will not be able to stop drooling!

Tokyo Otaku Mode News Part 2:

Through the Otaku Coin Official App you can send messages of support directly to your favorite anime studios. The App is a way for fans and creators to connect and for every message sent, fans can receive Otaku Coins. There will be more App features and extensions and more related services being planned for release, so keep an eye out!




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