#158: ‘Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT’ Part 2 On Sale Now! And opening of Premium Auctions!

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Apr 26 · 4 min read

Today we released Part 2 of the ‘Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT’ (Serial Number #011 — #030) as a part of the NFT x Metaverse proof-of-concept NFT blockchain technology experiment together with the opening of Premium Auctions.

URL: https://rarible.com/zunko

‘Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT’ Example

* The image above is a sample and may differ from the actual design after release.

Release Date and Time / Price (Unit — Currency Amount) — Reference

Part 1: April 22nd (Thu) at 10:00 (JST) / 0.1 ETH / #031-#097 (Complete)

Part 2: April 26th (Mon) at 10:00 (JST) / 0.3 ETH / #011-#030 + Premium Auction = Currently on sale.

Part 3: April 29th (Thu) at 10:00 (JST) / 0.5 ETH / #001-#010 + Premium Auction

*Sales period will end on May 6th (Thu) at 23:59:50 (JST)

Premium Auction Details

During the 2nd part of the distribution, 2 types of limited edition NFTs will be sold in an auction-style format. These premium auctions will last until May 6th (Thu) at 23:59:59 (JST) and will be sold to the highest bidder.

Beginning at the same time as Part 2 on April 26th (Mon) at 10:00 (JST), 2 types of the Limited NFT Special Video with Serial Number NFTs will be put up for auction with a starting price of 0.5 ETH each. These auctions will be live until May 6th (Thu) at 23:59:59 and go to the highest bidder.

S001 Tohoku Zunko Limited Edition NFT Special Video with Serial Number

S002 Tohoku Itako Limited Edition NFT Special Video with Serial Number

About the Metaverse Theater

Here is a preview tour video of the ‘Metaverse Theater @ Tohoku Zunko’:

*Only those that own an NFT through first hand purchase or distribution will be able to access the Metaverse Theater. (Access is tentatively scheduled to be available until the end of June 2021).

‘Metaverse Theater @ Tohoku Zunko’ Details (Please look forward to opening — Scheduled for Mid-May)


* English subtitles available with bonus footage.

Points When Purchasing (Please confirm and acknowledge these points beforehand):

・The release dates are tentative. The dates and times may differ depending on the deployment of the release.

・5% royalty for secondary distribution. (An additional 2.5% fee when using the marketplace).

・The copyright and trademark of the characters belong to SSS LLC. Rights for creating derivative works and merchandising are permitted by following set guidelines.

・Owners have digital ownership and rights to publish on social media. (As long as they adhere to basic public moral standards).

* Transaction fees are applied even in the case of bidding and not purchasing, so please be aware of this before making a purchase. (Although rare, there are cases where this can happen after reaching the purchase completed screen.)

* Although this platform uses ETH, there may be rare cases when it automatically changes to WETH, which has the same value as ETH.

* The ‘Metaverse Theater @ Tohoku Zunko’ is currently planned to be available until the end of June 2021.

Lottery Gift Details

We have prepared 3 NFTs numbered #98, #99, and #100 from the lineup of the NFT ‘Tohoku Zunko and Friends Special Limited Edition NFT’ as a gift for 3 participants to receive 1 NFT each. To enter into the lottery, please enter using the banner on the home screen of the Otaku Coin Official App. 1,000 Otaku Coins are required to enter.

Even if you are new to our Otaku Coin App, you can earn coins by actively watching anime PVs and supporting production companies. So, please try it if you are interested!

Entry Period: April 15th, 2021 10:00 (JST) ~ May 6th, 2021 23:59 (JST)

Otaku Coin Official iOS App

Otaku Coin Official Android App

Proof-of-Concept Experiment Details

For more information on the ‘3 Tohoku Sisters Special Limited Edition NFTxMetaverse Theater’ and ‘Tohoku Zunko’, please check out the blog below.

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