#170: Total Rewards Worth 1.5M JPY! Japanese ‘DeFi Protocol’ Dev Protocol and Otaku Coin double campaign release!

Otaku Coin
Jun 7 · 2 min read

The Otaku Coin Association has another generous campaign for you!

We are pleased to announce that the Otaku Coin Association has formed a partnership with FRAME00, Inc., the developer of the Japanese DeFi protocol ‘Dev Protocol’. In commemoration of this partnership, we have released a double campaign with rewards that are worth a total of 1.5M JPY.

This campaign includes a follow & RT lottery on Twitter in which winners can win the serial numbers #006 and #036 of the ‘100 Limited Otaku Coins’ (Worth 500K JPY*), the popular NFT that quickly sold out on both its 1st and the 2nd sales. In addition, a quiz campaign within the Otaku Coin Official App will be released in which users use their Otaku Coins to participate. 10 users will be in to win 100K JPY worth, a total of 1M JPY of Dev tokens.

* The value of both #006 and #036 is calculated according to the market prices at the time of acquisition. #006 is calculated based on its sales price (1 ETH) and #036 is based on its resale price (0.3 ETH) on OpenSea and includes transaction fees.

■ Campaign Details

1. ‘100 Limited Otaku Coins’ NFT Follow & RT Campaign


The Dev Protocol official Twitter (English and Japanese) will each have a separate campaign. You can participate in both of them.

2. 100K JPY Worth of Dev Tokens to 10 Users Quiz Campaign

Otaku Coin Official App

iOS: http://apple.co/3uilr2m
Android: http://bit.ly/2POoiB6

* Entries can be made from the campaign banner within the Otaku Coin Official App.

* 1,000 Otaku Coins are required for entry.

■ Campaign Period (for both campaigns)

June 7th, 2021, 12:30 — June 10th, 2021, 23:59 (JST — Limited to 3 days)

Make sure not to miss out on this extremely rare opportunity! We are looking forward to your entries.

Otaku Coin

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