#171: How to Receive your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT

Otaku Coin
Jun 10 · 4 min read

Thank you all for waiting!

We have just started the distribution of our ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT from the Part 1 sales.

* Users who have applied for a present and Otaku Coin exchanges, please wait a little longer as we deal with everything in turn.

Please find how to confirm you have received your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ below.

However! If you haven’t read our “#166: Otaku Coin Official Shop Launch! How to buy ‘Replica Otaku Coins’ NFTs” blog please make sure to check it out below first!

This blog is the continuation of this first blog and is a lot easier.

  1. Confirm the rXOC on Matic Mainnet
  2. Connect to Opensea to confirm

In this blog, we will once again go through the steps.

1. Confirm the rXOC on Matic Mainnet

If you have followed the instructions in the previous blog, you will have completed ‘adding your token’ to your MetaMask. By changing MetaMask to Matic Mainnet, your account should display 1rXOC.

(If your MetaMask is displaying Ethereum Mainnet in the top section, click it to change to Matic Mainnet).

Once you have confirmed the 1rXOC displayed, move onto the next step.

2. Connect to Opensea to confirm

While logged in to MetaMask, open ‘OpenSea’.


OpenSea is a marketplace in which users can buy and sell NFTs.

Connect to OpenSea to confirm your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT. You will also be able to confirm your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ serial number.

If you click on the ‘Wallet’ icon at the top right of OpenSea, you will see the following screen. Click ‘MetaMask’ to connect!

When you are connected, the ‘Person’ icon next to the ‘Wallet’ icon you just pushed will change to your own account. If you hover your mouse over the icon, it should display as ‘My Profile’.

You can use the following URL to move onto the next step.


Here it is!

You will find your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ NFT!

(When you click on the coin, you will find information that was explained at the start of this blog).

That’s all for today.

When you finally have your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ in front of you on your screen, you finally get the feeling of being an owner!

In the very near future, we are planning present campaigns for new NFT owners. Campaigns will include free ‘Matic’, the gas fee required on Polygon to send and receive your ‘Replica Otaku Coin’ to friends, associates, and the second sale market. Also, Part 2 sales of the ‘Replica Otaku Coin’!

Buyers from Part 1 sales can buy again!

Part 1 sold out so quickly and we apologize to the many people who missed out. So for those who missed out, please try again!

Buy at the ‘Otaku Coin Official Shop



In addition to the ‘Replica Otaku Coin’, we make sure to update fans with news on new release NFTs and campaigns on our Twitter. Please make sure to follow us!


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