#201: Part 2 — Otaku Coin Staking Proof-of-concept Project: Raffle to Win an Axie Infinity NFT and a Staking Reward!

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Aug 27 · 3 min read

We will start Part 2 of the popular Otaku Coin Staking Proof-of-concept Experiment!

Today, we will start Part 2 of the DeFi-like staking proof-of-concept project.

By staking your Otaku Coins (XOC) you have obtained in the Otaku Coin Official App for a fixed period of time, you will get a chance to win an Axie Infinity NFT and a reward of up to 1,020 XOC. (You cannot use or move the staked XOC).

Staking Proof-of-concept Project Part 1:

Through this proof of concept, we hope that the Otaku Coin (XOC) users will be able to experience the impact and potential of NFT and blockchain on society by being among the first to experience the DeFi-like system that will bring a new style to modern finance.

■ How to participate in “Otaku Coin Staking”

You can apply from the banner in the Otaku Coin Official App.

App download link:

*Entry for Period 2 is until 23:59, August 30, 2021 (JST).

▼ Staking Period and Entry Period

Part 1 (Complete): 3 Months (first week of August — October 31)
Part 2 (This time): 2 Months (first week of September — October 31)
Part 3 (planned for late Sep): 1 Month (first week of October — October 31)

*We cannot return your staked XOC until the end of the staking period.
*We are planning to return your XOC in early November 2021.

▼The Number of Otaku Coins (XOC) You Can Stake Every Month

1,000 to 6,000 XOC

*Maximum of 12,000 in two months total

▼Staking Rewards

3 Months: 10% of the staked XOC
2 Months: 5% of the staked XOC
1 Month: 1% of the staked XOC

*The maximum period with Period 2 (this time) is 2 months

▼ Axie NFT Lottery Entry

Depending on the number of XOC you stake, you will automatically enter the lottery for the Axie Infinity NFT.

For every 1,000 XOC staked for a month, you will get 1 entry for the lottery, so the more XOC you stake for a longer period of time, you will get a higher chance of winning.

Example 1: Stake 6,000 XOC for 2 months → 12 entries
Example 2: Stake 6,000 XOC every month → 36 (18+12+6) entries

*The entries will be valid throughout the campaign period (August 1 — early November 2021)

▼ Axie NFT Lottery Drawing

Part 1: Early September 2021 (Entry Closed)
Part 2: Early October 2021
Part 3: Early November 2021

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