#206: Let’s Create an Isekai Anime Together With “Anime Loot”! Free Giveaway of the Polygon Version of “Default Settings Replica NFT” which Can Be Used as Character References!

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Sep 8 · 5 min read

World’s First Experiment of a Bottom-Up Anime Project!

We have created “AnimeLoot” Polygon version, and we will be giving away “Default Settings Replica NFTs” for free, which will be the character references.

The following four categories will be randomly determined for the characters at the timing when the NFTs are generated, and the direction of the anime will gradually take place as the project moves on.

1. Species
2. Sex
3. Heritage
4. Personality

■ What is Loot?

“Loot” aims to create a new adventure game led by their community. The members of the community create their own illustrations, worldviews, and characters based on the text in the NFT, which is the “reference material”, and in less than a week, their work has advanced rapidly.

The “AnimeLoot” project is a new challenge that could be called the anime version of “Loot”, and is an experimental bottom-up anime project that is unprecedented in the world to date. In about 4 days since the project started, illustrations have been created by the imagination and creativity of the volunteers.

The new “ReplicaAnimeLoot” is a different system created based on the “Default Settings NFT (Original)” of “AnimeLoot” that is currently being distributed for free (except GAS fee), and the value of the original will not decrease (in fact, the value of the original may increase as the number of community participants and use cases increases).

*Please refrain from claiming multiple NFTs

■ How to Receive “ReplicaAnimeLoot” Default Settings Replica NFT


*From the URL above, connect your Polygon wallet, such as Metamask, by clicking on “Connect to Web3”. Enter a Token ID that hasn’t been used yet and click “Claim”.
*The maximum number of NFTs that will be given away is 7,777 (from #1 to #7,777).
*The purpose of this giveaway is to get as many participants as possible to join AnimeLoot, so we would like you to only claim one NFT per person.
*If you accedentaly claim multple NFTs, we would appreciate it if you would give them to your friends.
*The NFTs are free, but you will need Matic as GAS fee (transaction fee).

1. Click on “Connect to Web3” and connect your Polygon wallet, such as Metamask.

2. Select MetaMask. When the MetaMask window comes up, make sure the network is Matic (Polygon) Mainnet, and accept.

3. If you see your wallet address next to “Connected — Web3”, you are ready to go.

4. First, decide the tokenID of the NFT you want to create. You cannot use a tokenId that has already been claimed. (The range of tokenId is from 1 to 7,777)
How to check availability: Click on “Read Contract”. Enter the number of the tokenId you want, and click on “Query”.
If an address appears, the tokenId has already been claimed. (you cannot create an NFT with that tokenId)

5. If you get an error message as shown below, the tokenId doesn’t exist, so you can create an NFT with the tokenId.

6. How to create your NFT.
Click “Write Contract”, enter the tokenId you wish to create in the “tokenId” field of “2. Claim”, and click “Write”.

7. Click on the “View your transaction” button that appears.

8. The status will initially be “Pending” and when it becomes “Success”, you are done. (Reload the page after a while.)

9. Finally, check your NFT you’ve created.
Go to OpenSea ( https://opensea.io/ ) with your wallet connected to Matic (Polygon) Mainnet.
Click the wallet button in the top right to connect your MetaMask, click on “My Profile” from the profile icon (the round purple icon in the image), which is to the left of the wallet button.

10. Check for your ReplicaAnimeLoot NFT, as shown below!

■ “AnimeLoot” Discord and Twitter

“AnimeLoot” will continue to proceed through the creative activities of its community members. Feel free to join the official Discord and follow the official Twitter account.

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/anime_loot

Official Discord:https://discord.gg/8nUjHd2RFE

We look forward to seeing you!

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