#228: Limited to 6 Days — NFT Time Attack Contest! 100K XOC Prize to 1st Place! ‘Otaku Coin Arcade Game’ Release Commemoration

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Nov 2 · 5 min read

New NFT with Game Released! 100K XOC Prize to the Contest Winner

Today we have started the sale of ‘Otaku Coin Arcade Game’, a game NFT in the motif of Otaku Coin created by Ikeda Ryou, a function draw () artist who has created several NFTs. In commemoration of the release, we will hold a 6-day limited time attack contest. All applicants will be presented with 300 XOC, and the 1st place will receive 100K XOC as a prize!

■ Purchase Generative Art NFT ‘Otaku Coin Arcade Game’ here:


*Priced at 0.03 ETH/limited to 666

■ About 6 Day Limited NFT Time Attack Contest

Generative Art NFT ‘Otaku Coin Arcade Game’ contains an action game in which “DAO Army”, an army consisting of countless Otaku Coin owners, repeatedly charges at an enormous Otaku Coin “invader” on NFT.

In this contest, attack contest applicants will compete with each other with the rime record to clear the game. Applicants will not need to purchase NFT to participate in the contest.

Campaign period: until Sunday, 11/7/2021 23:59

Entry qualifications: none (Applicants do not need to purchase NFT.)

Game used for contest: https://bit.ly/OtakuCoinGame

Play level: NORMAL (You can play from the link above.)


1) Record your time attack gameplay

2) Quote RT the campaign tweet with #OtakuCoinGame

E.g. Time record: 123.45 #OtakuCoinGame and attach your video

3) Apply through https://forms.gle/eAW3so1djhMVeWLr9


First place (1 person): 100,000 XOC

Second place (1 person): 50,000 XOC

Third place (1 person): 30,000 XOC


*In the case of one applicant submitting multiple entries, we will use the fastest time record.

*In the case of multiple applicants having the same time record, places will be decided based on the time of your quote RT on Twitter.

*Applicants with unjust entries will be disqualified to enter any future campaigns of ours. Also, to receive Otaku Coins (XOC), applicants will need the Official App.

■ Examples of ‘Otaku Coin Arcade Game’

*The images above are a sample and may differ from the actual design after release.

*NFT owners have digital ownership (Within the limits of the general principles of public order and morality).

*The copyright and trademark rights belong to the Otaku Coin Association, TART K.K., and the NFT artist.

■ About the NFT Artist ‘function draw()’

Otaku Coin Arcade Game is created by the NFT artist/Creative Coder Ryo Ikeda (ikeryou). Ikeda’s works can be found in the Generative Art NFT collection ‘function draw()’, where NFT collectors appreciate them.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ikeryou

function draw(): https://opensea.io/collection/function-draw

ikeryou’s NFT works:


■Screen Recording with iOS


Go to Settings > Control Center > tap “+” to add screen recording.


Open https://bit.ly/OtakuCoinGame.

Swipe up to open Control Center and then tap “screen recording”.

■Screen Recording with Android

Android 11: use Screen record.

Android 10 or older: download a screen recording app (e.g. AZ Screen Recorder).

Using “Screen record” with Android 11

Swipe down to open Quick Settings. If you do not see the Screen Recorder icon, follow the instructions below.

Tap the pencil icon on the bottom left, tap and hold the Screen Recorder icon and move it to Quick Settings.

Open https://bit.ly/OtakuCoinGame, swipe down to open Quick Settings, and tap Screen Recorder. Tap the start button to start recording.

To stop recording, open the notification bar and tap “Tap to stop”.

■Screen Recording with Windows 10

Windows 10

While opening https://bit.ly/OtakuCoinGame, press [Windows] + [G] to open the Game Bar. Tap the button shown in the picture below to start recording.

*After recording starts, make sure to reload the page before starting the game.

To use keyboard shortcut, press [Windows] + [Alt] + [R] to start and stop recording.

You can find recorded videos by pressing [Windows] + [G] and clicking on “Open folder” on the bottom right.

You can also find your videos in the “C:\Users\<User Name>\Videos\Captures” folder.

■Screen Recording with Mac

While opening https://bit.ly/OtakuCoinGame, press [shift] + [command] + [5] at the same time. Select “Record Entire Screen” from the OnScreen Control options.

Click the “Record button” to start recording.

To stop recording, click the “Stop button” in the menu bar.

Your recorded videos will be saved on your desktop.

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