#231: Otaku Coin x NFT Art Auction Starts on Foundation!

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Nov 12 · 6 min read

This is the only chance to purchase the one-and-only NFT artworks!

Today, we will start the auction of 8 “Otaku Coin” NFT artworks on the marketplace, ‘Foundation.’

The artworks are “one and only”, which means there will be only one owner for each artwork. This auction will be the only chance to purchase the NFTs on the first sale.

The auction will be held for a limited period of 24 hours after the first bid, so please be sure not to miss this opportunity!

■ ‘Otaku Coin x NFT Art’ Auction Information

Place: https://foundation.app/@otakucoin

Start Date: Friday, 11/12/2021 18:00 (JST)

End Date: 24 hours after the first bid

*The minimum bid is 0.1 ETH. If a bid is placed right before the end of the auction, the deadline will be extended automatically.

■ NFT Artworks to be Sold

Title:Hue dance
A GIF animation of a girl dancing in bouncing Otaku Coins and colorful waves in the air. The color theme of this work is retro pop. However, instead of just using the same color combination, it shifts rapidly between different shades of orange, yellow, blue, and pink. The drastic color change expresses the whimsical nature of the dancing girl. The colors change not only on the girl but also on the walls and floor, just as the scenery changes depending on your mood. The color combinations are different in each frame, so no matter which frame you cut out, you’ll never see the same colors.

The result is an animation with the gentle movement of the human body that only Rotoscope can produce. You will enjoy the contrast between the drastically changing hues and the gentle motion. I hope you enjoy it while searching for your favorite color combination!


Created by manatsu

A fusion of “和” (the Japanese style) and pop. “魁” can be read as “kai” or “sakigake” (pioneer) I gave my art this title with the hope that it will become a pioneer of the art business. I took the “鬼” (oni) from the letter “魁” and created this piece under the theme of a demon girl.


Created by Yu Inami

Title:Plants and a Bench
I drew a scene of a person and an Otaku Coin sitting on a bench against a backdrop of lush vegetation. I used blue for the background to give the scene a cooler feel since it’s getting colder lately, but in contrast, I thought it would be nice if the plants were alive and warm even though the weather is cold and drew them in warm colors. I chose plants as the motif because I thought plants, a natural motif, will make my illustrations of people more lively. I love digital-style illustrations, but I also love plants and other natural objects, so I would be happy if they work together well. That’s why I often draw people and plants together, but this time I decided to depict the plants with finer detail. The composition is simple, so I thought it would be nice to add depth to the picture by the amount of description. I also tried to use vivid colors that I don’t usually use. For the Otaku Coin logo, I drew it in the image of two friends sitting on a bench and chilling.


Created by tonikaku

I had a hard time deciding whether to focus on the Japanese or Western styles when I drew this picture. I felt that if I wanted to express Japaneseness and Japanese culture, I should go for the Japanese style, but if I wanted to express myself in a way that people overseas could relate to, I should go for the Western style. Since I like both very much, I felt a sense of sadness at the thought of cutting out one or the other, so in the end, I thought, “I don’t need to choose one or the other, let’s try to draw a greedy picture,” and I tried to create a kind of eclectic expression, incorporating what I like about the West while centering on the Japanese style. I hope you can feel it in the maid’s outfit and the green tea-flavored roll cake. Also, the motif of this picture is a “child”. I scattered Otaku Coins all over the picture, so I hope you can enjoy it like “I Spy”.


Created by Cohol

I drew a boy and girl maneki-neko.
I used the Otaku Coin as the coin of the maneki-neko to create a fun, pop illustration where the maneki-nekos transformed into a boy and a girl, bringing good fortune.
I tried to create a warm feel with colors that would make you feel happy! I hope you find it cute!


Created by namarurome

In the last event, I drew the scene of five thieves holding a dinner party before their heist targeting Otaku Coins. In this world, Otaku Coins are precious and a limited number of nobles own the majority of them. Those who own more are regarded to be important and are respected, so some nobles secretly hire thieves and theft is rampant. I wanted to depict the thieves targeting the Otaku Coins in the same world, so I decided to take part in this event again.
Aleck Waterman (left) and Neil Stewart (right) are hired by a certain organization that collects Otaku Coins. Otaku Coins that belong to a recently deceased former politician are stored in the city’s largest vault behind “Reception 1”. The organization sent Aleck and Niel as undercover bank guards and successfully collected the Otaku Coins.
I usually put my account name in my work, but I sometimes make it small or hide it in the background so it doesn’t interfere with the picture. I hope you can look carefully for such things.


Created by burokkoriSP

Title:Decorate The Battledore
WORLD is emerald
I love modern art that has strength in nature with the concept of a Japanese-Western blend.
express a story in beautiful nature as art


Created by Reilly.illustration


Created by Wet Chihuahua

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