#232: Official NFT Creation is Now Available on Derivative Work Creator Support Service ‘Nijiso’!

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Nov 16 · 4 min read

Official derivative work collection of the popular ‘CryptoNinja’ NFT released on OpenSea!

Starting today, derivative work NFT creation of the popular NFT collection, CryptoNinja, will be available on ‘Nijiso’, a platform that actively supports derivative work creators. Creators can now sell their works of their own accord with their choice of sales method.

For those who have applied for CryptoNinja derivative works, thank you for waiting! Log in to ‘Nijiso’ and make your officially approved CryptoNinja work into an NFT!

Along with that, the CryptoNinja derivative work collection (https://opensea.io/collection/official-ninjart) has also been released on OpenSea.

■ About the culture of creating derivative works and NFT

Utilizing the world trending technology of NFT allows creators to create “one-and-only artworks” and sell them digitally on the internet. On the marketplace, there has already been a wide range of NFT works with pricing starting from a few JPY to over a million JPY. Especially popular NFTs have many derivative works created.

‘Nijiso’ aims to develop this culture of creating derivative works by providing a new system.

With the permission of the original owner, creators are allowed to make and sell “officially-approved NFTs” of their favorite characters. The artworks will be added to official collections, and creators have the right to set a price and sell the works on platforms such as OpenSea, with their choice of sales method. This also provides fans with a safe purchase of an NFT as they can see it is officially approved by the original owner.

Not only new (unpublished) illustrations but also published illustrations without an NFT are eligible to apply. In addition, there is no limit to the number of illustrations you submit an application. We are looking forward to seeing your artworks!

Benefits for Derivative Work Creators

1. You can sell your derivative illustrations with an “official approval” of the official owner.

2. Your derivative illustrations will be added to the derivative work collection on platforms such as OpenSea by the official owner.

3. Royalty return will be made automatically to the official owner when your derivative illustration is sold.

4. You can sell NFTs with different sales methods on OpenSea, including auctions.

5. NFT generation with Ethereum+IPFS provides your derivative illustrations with long-lasting value security and preservation.

■ Derivative Work Application for Official Approval


*To make an application, click ‘Creator Sign Up & Login’ on the top right and log in to your Twitter account.

*There is no limit to the number of illustrations you can apply. As long as it sticks to the derivative work guideline, we will try our best to approve as many works as possible.

*Please refrain from creating NFTs of derivative work with a pending application (including chains other than Nijiso).

*It will be an NFT (ERC721) +IPFS on Ethereum, and 1 token per illustration is assumed to be generated.

*By using a CryptoNinja contract address, creators have the right to mint the NFT on their MetaMask Wallet and price and sell it on OpenSea with different sales methods (including auctions).

*The minted NFT will be shown in the official derivative work collected by the official owner on OpenSea.

■ About derivative work creator support service ‘Nijiso’

‘Nijiso’ is a service that allows derivative work creators to sell their illustrations as an official NFT. The NFT generation system is as shown below.

With this system, fans of both the anime and creator will be able to purchase a derivative work NFT knowing it is officially approved and provides a royalty return.

■ About ‘CryptoNinja’

‘CryptoNinja’ is not one of the trending, automatically-generated NFTs but is a handmade NFT drawn one by one with care. It is a rare NFT with only 50 limited editions made within the first generation. Foreseeing the future possibility of video game adaptation, the ninja come with fun characteristics such as schools, tactics, weapons, and parameter settings.


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