#234: Derivative Loot from ‘AnimeLoot’! Get Your Hands on the New “Model Sheet” Exclusively Available for NFT Owners

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Nov 24 · 6 min read

‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’ allows your character to have more detailed settings! Release starts with the Polygon version.

Starting today, the derivative Loot ‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’ will be available in ‘AnimeLoot’. ‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’ is the new model sheet for characters created on ‘AnimeLoot’, a fan-collaboration isekai anime production project. The new derivative Loot is available exclusively to the ‘AnimeLoot’ NFT owners.

‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’ is created with the lead of the community. Each version deriving from Ethereum, Polygon, and BSC, will be available on the three chains. Starting with Polygon, the Loot will be released sequentially on BSC, and finally on Ethereum. The Polygon and BSC versions are chargeable with a price of around a few hundred JPY (market value) and aimed to be used for the deployment fees for Ethereum. The surplus amount will be returned to the community and shared with the creators.

■ The Sales Price of Derivative Loot ‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’

Polygon … 1 MATIC
BSC … 0.003 BNB
Ethereum … (to be determined)

■ How to Get Derivative Loot ‘AnimeLoot Physical Characteristics’

The method is mostly the same as claiming ‘AnimeLoot’ through Etherscan and polygonscan. In this article, we will guide you through the claiming steps on polygonscan using a computer and MetaMask.

1. Open polygonscan


2. Open the “Write Contract” tab, click “connect to Web3”, and select MetaMask to connect.

When you are connected, “Connect to Web3” should change to “Connected”.

3. Type the number calculated from “number of AnimeLoot you own x price” into the “claimAll” box. Be sure to type it in the “claimAll” box, not in the “claim” box. Make sure to type the price (Matic) in the box, not the number of AnimeLoot you get with your TokenID. The page does not tell you even if you type a number that is too big. Make sure to put the exact number.

We confirmed that numbers up to 30 are accepted at a time. If you have many AnimeLoot and it does not work out with “claimAll”, you may need to try with “claim” one by one.

4. Type the number of AnimeLoot you own x 1 in the box. This amount will be charged as a fee. Make sure to check it does not say “exception occurred”. If it does, do not complete the transaction. You may be unable to claim but still taken the GAS fee.

If an exception occurs, you may:

  • Have nothing to claim in your account
  • Have claimed an amount that is too little

5. Click “confirm”.

If an error like the picture below occurs, go back and redo the transaction.

6. Check your transaction status.

7. If you see “success”, that means your claim has been made successfully. You can also confirm your TokenID here.

8. Confirm your collection on OpenSea.


■ Comment from the Proposers of the Derivative Loot

Derivative Loot ‘AnimeLootPhysicalCharacteristics’ was created by a community on ‘AnimeLoot’ Discord. The following is the comment from the proposers, shunichiro.crypto and Ichigo Nishina.

Not all AnimeLoot holders necessarily have a creative ability. If you are not one of them, you may leave the activities to the creators to create a character that consists of the four elements.

AnimeLoot only provides four elements; species, gender, origin, and personality.

While the species can be a decently characteristic element, we also think that the four elements alone are not yet enough to create a charming anime character.

Therefore, we have developed ‘AnimeLootPhysicalCharacteristics’ that allows you to create more characteristic and charming characters.

We hope this will help AnimeLoot holders get a clearer image of their AnimeLoot characters.

We were also able to achieve the point where people who meet on the AnimeLoot community gather, have discussions to choose the elements and learn to create an NFT.

We hope that there will be more creations from the AnimeLoot community, and we can enjoy them with you all.

For more details, please read the following blog post.


■ What is ‘AnimeLoot’?

Characters on ‘AnimeLoot’ have the following four elements, which are randomly chosen in the process of NFT creation. The direction of the anime will be determined gradually as the proof-of-experiment starts.

1. Species

2. Gender

3. Origin

4. Personality

‘Loot’ aims to create a new adventure game based on the ideas of the community. It provides a default setting NFT with a character string known as “model sheet”, which allows each member in the community to build their own illustration, worldview, and character based on their imagination. The ideas develop further and transform into various works.

This project is an anime version of ‘Loot’ and is a proof-of-concept experiment of a brand-new bottom-up method of anime production.

■ How to Receive ‘AnimeLoot’ Default Setting NFT

All the NFTs on Polygon have been claimed. You can ask the multiple NFT owners in share-replicaanimeloot on Discord or buy one with secondary distribution on OpenSea.

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/replicaanimeloot

■ About ‘AnimeLoot’ Twitter and Discord

Anime works in ‘AnimeLoot’ develop based on the creative activities by the creators in the community. If you wish to take part in the activities, follow the Twitter account and join the official Discord.

Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/anime_loot

Official Discord:https://discord.gg/EC7QKVBR

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