#235: Dress Up on Metaverse! Virtual World Fashion Brand ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Sold Out

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Nov 25 · 3 min read

Due to popular demand, we are concidering a 2nd project!

The other day, we quietly released our virtual fashion brand ‘Me+🌏 Japan’, as a proof-of-concept experiment to create a fashion brand on Metaverse, and to our suprise, the items sold out immediately before we could even announce it!

Part 1 sales included NFTs of T-shirts and sneakers with the Otaku Coin logo that can be worn in the dominant Metaverse, ‘Decenterland’. There were 3 designs each with a total of 6 items, which were so poplular that they sold out immideatly.

We believe that when the society where we spend our daily lives in the metaverse comes, such “digital items” to express our individuality will have value just as they do in real life.

By taking the initiative in creating a digital fashion brand ahead of demand, we aim to gain experience and knowledge through this Metaverse-focused proof-of-concept experiment. We hope to share this with the community and expand the possibility of digital fashion in the anime, manga, game, and VTuber fields.

■ ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Digital T-shirts and Sneakers that Immidiately Sold Out on Decenterland


Secondary Market

● ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ T-Shirts: Limited to 3 Shirts Per Design

T-Shirt 1

T-Shirt 2

T-Shirt 3

● ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Sneakers: Limited to 3 Pairs Per Design

Sneakers 1

Sneakers 2

Sneakers 3

*The images above are samples and may differ from the actual design after release.

*NFT owners will have digital ownership (within the limits of the general principles of public order and morality).

*The copyright and trademark belong to the Otaku Coin Association.

*The NFTs are created on a dominant blockchain ‘Polygon (Matic)’.

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