#240: Display Your NFT Artworks at ‘Otaku Coin GaRo’ on Metaverse! Campaign for 10 Users to Win the Right of Exhibition

Otaku Coin
Dec 10, 2021 · 2 min read

Win the right to promote & display your NFT artworks on the Decentraland gallery!

Today, we will start a campaign for 10 users to win the right to exhibit their artworks at ‘Otaku Coin GaRo (OCGR)’ on Metaverse Decentraland.

‘Otaku Coin GaRo’ is designed by the Metaverse architect, MISOSHITA (https://twitter.com/Misositaworks ).

Decentraland is a virtual reality web service that users can operate smoothly from computer browsers. The platform uses Ethereum and blockchain, and it allows users to buy and sell land, buildings, and artworks in virtual reality. The land purchased on Decentraland can be customized freely by the users.

With this proof-of-concept experiment, through the NFT artwork exhibition on Otaku Coin GaRo, we aim to improve the brand value and sales promotion of NFT artworks by providing a rich pre-purchase experience.

■ Entry for NFT Exhibition Right

Entry can be made through the following form.


*Entry period: Friday, 12/10 12:30 to Sunday, 12/12 23:59 (JST)

*The artworks to be displayed are limited to what the applicant owns (artworks made or purchased by the applicant).

*Ethereum chain or Polygon chain NFTs only.

*1 entry per person (multiple entries will be invalid).

*By providing your email address, you are automatically subscribed to the Otaku Coin Association newsletter.

■ Exhibition Period

One month from Thursday, 12/16

■ ‘Otaku Coin GaRo’ on Decentraland


*Use a computer to access. Users have to create a free account to view the page.

■ Videos & images of ‘Otaku Coin GaRo’

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