#243: Digital T-Shirts & Sneakers NFT with Otaku Coin Motifs, 6 Limited Items are Now Available on Metaverse

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Dec 23, 2021 · 3 min read

Virtual World Fashion Brand ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Part 2

Today, we have started the second sale of ‘Me+🌏 Japan’, a metaverse fashion brand which you can dress up in the leading metaverse service ‘Decentraland’. The sale includes a total of 6 items of T-shirts and sneakers with the motif of the Otaku Coin.

The first sale of this highly popular NFT in November sold out even before the announcement.

In 2021, the year of the COVID disaster, new digital technologies, such as metaverse and blockchain (NFT), which recreate the real world on the Internet, are attracting more attention. With Gen Z in the center, our lifestyle has shifted towards spending our free time mostly on the internet, and many signs, such as the decision of Facebook (Meta), the leading social media company in the U.S., to make a major investment of $10 billion in the virtual world, a.k.a. metaverse, show how the digital life is becoming a core part of human society.

When the metaverse becomes a part of everyday life, ‘digital fashion’ is expected to have the same value as in the real world, as a way to assert one’s identity. In particular, the fashion of dressing avatars that are projections of ourselves in the metaverse is becoming a hot topic.

By taking the initiative in creating a digital fashion brand ahead of demand, we aim to gain experience and knowledge through this metaverse-focused experiment. We hope to share this with the community and expand the possibility of digital fashion in the anime, manga, game, and VTuber fields.

■Metaverse fashion brand ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Part 2 sales page


Number of Items
T-shirt: 3 designs x 10
Sneakers: 3 designs x 1

■ ‘Me+🌏 Japan’ Part 2 T-shirt & Sneakers NFT

*The images above are samples and may differ from the actual design.
*The NFT owners will have digital ownership (within the limits of the general principles of public order and morality)
*The copyright and trademark belong to the Otaku Coin Association and FORCES, Inc.
*The NFTs are created on a dominant blockchain ‘Polygon (Matic)’.

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