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#270: Sleep to Earn GameFi “#SLEPN” Release!

All applicants will receive a “Special Pillow NFT” from the popular NFT collection “Isekai Anime Characters”

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated GameFi “#SLEPN” (operated by SLEPN LTD), we will be giving away a “Special Pillow NFT” (15% increase in token acquisition) in collaboration with the popular NFT collection “Isekai Anime Characters” to all applicants for free.

Recently, “Play to Earn (P2E)” games have become popular, and new ways to earn have been developed one after another.

“#SLEPN” employs a “Sleep to Earn” system in which users earn by getting a good night’s sleep. By setting your smartphone with the designated app by your pillow when you sleep, the app will measure the quality of your sleep, and you will receive rewards according to how well you sleep.

■”SLEPN” Official Website


■How to Apply for the “Special Pillow NFT”

1. Quote tweet the designated tweet by @OtakuCoinEn with #Sleep2Earn
2. Post a tweet from the SLEPN official website https://slepn.com
3. Register at PREMINT

Entry Period
0:00, April 1–15:00, April 1, 2022 (JST)

■Special Pillow NFT for the giveaway

*The images are samples and may differ from the actual design

■”SLEPN” Official Website


■ Aboout SLEPN LTD

“SLEPN LTD” and “#SLEPN” are fictitious company and product that only appears today April 1 (April Fools’)

*The “Special Pillow NFT” will be an actual giveaway. Please check the following website or the official Otaku Coin Twitter account around 15:00 (JST)




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