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#272: For Everyone Who Owns a Recent Isekai Anime Characters-related NFT! Distribution of Otaku Coins (XOC) in Discord server

Connect your wallet in Discord and receive Otaku Coins in the designated channels!

We are distributing Otaku Coins (XOC) to owners of recent Isekai Anime Characters-related NFTs such, as “Halnearth Residence Permit” and “Isekai Anime Pillows”!

By connecting your wallet in the AnimeLoot Discord server, you will be allowed to enter designated channels to receive Otaku Coins.

The number of Otaku Coins (XOC) is as below and can be claimed by reading the QR code with the Otaku Coin Official App. They are only available until the end of April 2022.

■ Otaku Coin (XOC) Distribution

Halnearth Residence Permit : 500 XOC

Isekai Anime Pillow : 100 XOC

Isekai Anime SPECIAL Pillow : 1000 XOC

■Distribution Period

12:30, April 14 – 23:59, April 30, 2022 (JST)

*Items other than those listed above are not eligible.

*The Otaku Coin Association will not be responsible for any damages or loss experienced through a third-party platform.

* NFT of the same series will only be counted as 1x.

* To obtain Otaku Coins, users must have installed and registered on the Otaku Coin Official App

Install the Otaku Coin Official App here

■ How to claim Otaku Coins in the AnimeLoot Discord server


These steps are from a computer.

1) Join the AnimeLoot Discord server and go to the collabland-join channel.

2) Click “Let’s go!” in the message from the Collab.Land bot.

3) The following message will be sent from the bot. Click “Connect Wallet”.

4) Choose MetaMask.

5) Click on “Sign Message” and MetaMask will require your signature, so sign it.

6) When you’re done, the screen below will appear.

7) A channel only available to those who have the designated NFTs will appear. Enter the channel and read the QR code with the Otaku Coin Official App to claim your Otaku Coins.

If you own any Isekai Anime Characters-related NFTs, don’t miss out on this opportunity to earn Otaku Coins!!




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