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#273: NFT Collection “Isekai Anime Characters” #009 is Now Available for Purchase Offers!

Register on PREMINT to join the raffle for monochrome version with 200 winners!

We are holding a special event to accept purchase offers for character #009 of the NFT collection “Isekai Anime Characters” on Open Sea.

The characters of this NFT collection were drawn one by one with care by illustrator Hirori ( https://twitter.com/HiRoRi_hermit ), and only 50 of them exist in the world.

“Isekai Anime Characters” are scheduled to be CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) compliant, which will allow you to freely build upon, enhance, and reuse the works without copyright restrictions.

< https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/ >

■Purchase Offer


■”Isekai Anime Characters” Official Website


■ Colored Version of “Isekai Anime Characters #009” (available for purchase offers)

In hopes of helping the development and interaction of the NFT holder community, we will select the winners based on the “Selection Method” in this campaign. In this method, we will choose the winner based on “who they are” rather than “the size of their bid”. We are looking forward to offers from passionate applicants who are eager to spread the anime culture around the world through “Isekai Anime Characters”. (*Please express your passion for Japan’s anime culture on your OpenSea profile page and Twitter.)

In addition, we will be giving away an animated monochrome version, “Isekai Anime Characters #009 — Battle” (monochrome ver. with attack effects) to the top 3 offerors.

*The winner for the colored version is not eligible.
*In the case of multiple applicants with the same bidding amount, the applicants with the earlier entry will be selected.

*We will choose the three applicants with the highest bids as of the deadline of the offering period (NFTs will be distributed at a later date)

■ Make an Offer for “Isekai Anime Characters #009” Colored Version


Offering Period: 12:30, Apr. 15–20:59, Apr. 17, 2022 (JST)

■ Monochrome version for top 3 offerors, “Isekai Anime Characters #009 — Battle” (GIF)

Still Image (*Medium doesn’t allow us to post GIFs)

■ How to register on PREMINT for the monochrome version “Isekai Anime Characters #009”

Quote tweet the campaign tweet from the official Otaku Coin Twitter account ( @OtakuCoinEn ) with #IsekaiNFT and register to PREMINT from the URL below.


Entry Period: 12:30, Apr. 15–20:59, Apr. 17, 2022 (JST)

・You need more than 0.1ETH in your wallet.

・Follow @OtakuCoinEN on Twitter.

・Join AnimeLoot Discord server.

・Enter the URL of your quote tweet

*One entry per person (multiple entries will be invalid)
*The NFTs are scheduled to be sent to the winners during April 2022.

■ “Isekai Anime Characters #009” Monochrome version image (for PREMINT raffle campaign)

“Isekai Anime Characters #009 — Pulse”

“Isekai Anime Characters #009 — Ray”

“Isekai Anime Characters #009 — Wave”

*The images are samples and may differ from the actual design.

■ About the Online Community of “Isekai Anime Characters”

We have created a channel for NFT holders to interact with each other in the Discord on “AnimeLoot”. Feel free to join the community!

Official Discord: https://discord.gg/W6dy4FxkxB

“AnimeLoot” is a community-supported project in which fans collaborate to create an Isekai Anime. It is created based on the “Loot” system, a bottom-up content creation project that utilizes the technology of NFT. The “Default Setting NFTs”, or “model sheets”, of the characters are available on the three chains; ETH, Polygon, and BSC.

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/anime_loot




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