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#275: A Game Derived from the Popular NFT Collection, Isekai Anime Characters, will be Released in Early Summer! Get Your OG Role!

Giveaway of special NFT to the first 5,000 to make an entry in Discord.

“Isekai Saga”, a fully on-chain game featuring the characters from the popular NFT collection “Isekai Anime Characters” is scheduled to be released in early summer.

As a commemoration, OG roles will be given to those who join the Discord server early.

In addition, the first 5,000 to make an entry in the Discord server will receive a special NFT!

■Get your OG role in the Discord server


Anyone who joins the Discord server during the following period will receive the OG role.

12:30, April 28–23:59, May 5, 2022 (JST)

■Make an entry to receive the special NFT for th first 5,000

After claiming the member’s role in #rules, go to #claim-role to get your OG role and the permission to enter your wallet address in #enter-your-wallet

The first 5,000 to make an entry will receive a special NFT at a later date.

■The special NFT that you will receive

*The image above is a sample and may differ from the actual design.

■What is Isekai Saga?

The game collab project derived from Isekai Anime Characters, “Isekai Saga” is a fully on-chain game in which players compete for Fragments (NFT). When a series of Fragments (NFT) is completed, the lost power of the gods will be unleashed, allowing the players to earn SIN tokens (ERC20). You will need at least 3 adventurer characters (NFT) to play the game.

v1 is scheduled to be released in the early summer of 2022.

*Please note that the above may be subject to change.
*This campaign is a collaboration with Isekai Saga of which the Otaku Coin Association is a marketing partner.





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