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#295: Summer is in Full Swing! The Otaku Coin Association Wants to Support Your Otaku Life!

Giveaway of 20USDT to 5 winners

There are so many anime and manga to watch, games to play, and merch to want in the summer!

The Otaku Coin Association will support your summer Otaku life by giving away 20USDT to 5 winners!

We look forward to your entries!

■ How to make an entry

Follow the Otaku Coin Association official Twitter account @OtakuCoinEn and quote tweet the campaign tweet with #OtakuSummer along with what you want this summer. The quote tweet will be your entry.

Entry Period: 12:30, Aug. 2–23:59, Aug. 7, 2022 (JST)

*One entry per person (If there are multiple entries by the same person, only the last one will be valid)
*The 5 winners will be chosen from EN+JP combined.



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