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#299: Otaku Coin Staking Extension Campaign! Win a Set of 3 Gen0 Character NFTs for Isekai Battle!

You can also join by just retweeting and liking! Choose between continuing all or half of your staking.

Today, we will start the staking extension campaign for users who have Otaku Coins (XOC) staked from past campaigns. By participating in this campaign, you can continue to stake your XOC next month.

We hope you will take this opportunity and choose to continue staking.

The Otaku Coin staking proof-of-concept is a DeFi-like experiment in which users can earn raffle tickets for a set of 3 Character NFTs for the fully on-chain game “Isekai Battle” in addition to staking rewards.

The staking rewards for up until last month have been distributed on Aug. 25. You can confirm it in the History on the Otaku Coin Official App. (*)

For the users who intend to end staking, your XOC return is scheduled for the beginning of Sep. 2022.

*The staking rewards have not yet been sent to those who have changed their Campaign IDs. We have sent an email instead.

■ How to extend “Otaku Coin Staking”

Apply from the banner in the Otaku Coin Official App.

App download:


Entry period: 12:30, Aug. 26–23:59, Aug. 31, 2022 (JST)

*This campaign is only available for staking extensions. Additional stakings are not accepted.

▼Staking Period

2 months(Sep.1 — Oct. 31, 2022)

▼Staking Rewards

2% of the staked amount (The rewards will be automatically sent at the end of the following month.)

▼Entry for Isekai Battle Character NFT Raffle

From your total amount of staked coins, you will automatically receive 1 entry per 1,000 XOC. (e.g. 10 entries if you have 10,000 XOC staked)
You can also make an entry by retweeting and liking the campaign tweet.

The winners will be announced via the Otaku Coin Official Twitter account at a later date, so stay tuned!



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