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#305: Goerli Testnet Migration Commemoration! White List Spots for the Isekai Battle Sticker NFT

To commemorate the migration to Goerli testnet, we are giving away whitelist spots for the Isekai Battle Sticker NFT! You also might win a Character NFT!

With the end of Rinkeby’s service, the test play version of Isekai Battle has migrated to the Goerli testnet.

In commemoration, we are starting a campaign of giving away 999 whitelist spots by a raffle for the Isekai Battle Commemoration Sticker NFT (Free mint)

Those who have already minted the Goerli testnet version Character NFT, and make an entry, will have their whitelist spot ensured!

If you were playing the Rinkeby version and haven’t yet minted the Goerli version Character NFTs, take this opportunity to migrate to the Goerli version!
Character mint page: https://mint.goerli.isekai-battle.xyz/
Goerli version game page: https://goerli.isekai-battle.xyz/

*Only those on the whitelist for the Rinkeby version can mint a Goerli version Character.
*You will need Goerli ETH to mint Goerli version Character NFTs and play the game, you can get it from this website.

Please check the announcement channel in the Isekai Battle Discord server for instructions on how to play the Goerli version.

If you draw a special sticker NFT from the free mint…

There is a special version of the Isekai Battle Sticker NFT.

If you draw a special sicker NFT, you will receive a Character NFT that you can use for the Isekai Battle main net version when it is released!

Don’t miss out on this chance to win this valuable Character NFT!

■Entry Period

12:30, October 7–23:59, October 10, 2022 (JST)

■How to enter

Make an entry from PREMINT.

You are required to
・Follow the Isekai Battle and Otaku Coin Association EN Twitter accounts
・Join the Isekai Battle Discord server
・Retweet the campaign tweet

*The entry is for the whitelist spot. The mint page for the sticker NFT will be announced at a later date.

■What is Isekai Battle?

The game collaboration project derived from Isekai Anime Characters, “Isekai Battle” is a fully on-chain game in which players battle for Fragments (NFT). You will need at least 3 adventurer characters (NFT) to play the game.

Test play is currently underway on the Goerli testnet. (Only those on the whitelist for the test play version can play)



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