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#309:【Testnet Version】 Experience the Fully On-Chain Game “Isekai Battle”

This is an instruction on how to play the Goerli testnet version of Isekai Battle.

Isekai Battle is a fully on-chain game derived from “Isekai Anime Characters” in which you battle other players to collect “Fragments” (NFT).

To play the game, you will need at least 3 Character NFTs.

Currently, only those who have the access rights can play the Goerli testnet version of Isekai Battle.

*Some of the images are from the Japanese page, but the buttons in the instructions will be the same.

Get ETH for the testnet (Goerli ETH)

Goerli ETH tokens are necessary to mint the Characters for the testnet version and to play the game. If you do not have any, please claim from the following websites. (free of charge)


Mint Isekai Battle Characters

Now that you have some Goerli ETH, the next thing to do is mint the Characters for Isekai Battle from the mint page.


First, click on the “WALLET CONNECT” button at the top right to connect your MetaMask.

Next, select the Characters you want to use in the game.
You will need 3 or more Characters to play Isekai Battle, so be sure to select at least 3 Characters. (We recommend you claim 15 Characters for the Goerli testnet version)

After selecting the Characters, click the “MINT” button and click “Confirm” when MetaMask asks for your confirmation.

Now you are ready to dive into Isekai Battle!

Access Isekai Battle

You can access Isekai Battle from here. Select your language at the bottom and click Wallet Connect in the center.

MetaMask will ask for your confirmation, so click “Connect”.

Once you’re connected, the following map depicting the world of Isekai Battle will appear.

At this point, the region “Noa Forest” is open on the Goerli testnet version, and you can send your Characters on an Exploration as a trial.

Organize your Units to go on an Exploration

To go on an Exploration, you will need to organize your Characters for the Exploration Unit.

Click on the “Units” tab at the bottom or the “Explore” that pops up above “Noa Forest” when clicking on it.


The “Formation” page will open and select the Characters you want to send on an Exploration by following these steps.

  1. Click the + in the squares on the left.
  2. Bring the cursor above the Character you want to set in the Exploration Unit.
  3. Click “Select”.
This image is from the Japanese page. “Select” will show in the area where the 3 is.

Repeat the steps above to select the Characters you want to send on an Exploration.

You can set from 1 Character in the Exploration Unit.
However, you will need 3 or more Characters in the Exploration Unit to find Seeds.
*Seeds are a rare item which you can obtain through Exploration. They are key items in Isekai Battle.

After selecting the Characters for your Exploration Unit, Click on “Confirm Units”.

This image is from the Japanese page. “Confirm Units” will show in the red area.

Click OK on the “Confirmation” page, and the “Confirm” that will appear on MetaMask.

When your Exploration Unit is set, the following page will come up, so click “Close” and return to the map.

You will see your Characters on the map.
The items they find will show in the “New Item Found” in the top left.

The Characters will find Weapons and Armor every 4 hours, and you get a chance to obtain Seeds by claiming after 23 hours.
To find Seeds efficiently, it is best to claim your items every 23 hours.

How to claim items

To claim the items found in the Exploration, first, select “Explore” from the menu at the bottom of the screen and click “Claim” under “New Item Found”.

Click “OK” in the next screen.

MetaMask will ask for your confirmation, so click “Confirm”. The items will be claimed when the transaction has finished.

*Depending on the transaction status, the items acquired may not be displayed.

Click the “Close” button on the screen above to return to the map screen and select “Items” from the bottom view the items you have acquired.

This time, we were able to get a Lv3 Weapon and the Attack power is 150 –250.

For Armor, we got a Lv1 and Lv2.
Just like the Weapons, you can check their Defence power by selecting the item.

There are 5 types of Weapons and 3 types of Armor, and each Character has a favorite Weapon and Armor, which gives a boost to the Attack power and Defence power.
The 1 in the Character’s icon is his/her favorite Weapon, and the 2 is his/her favorite Armor.

Your bag has a max capacity of 120 Weapons and 120 Armor, and you will not be able to claim more than that.
You can discard the Weapons and Armor you no longer need by following these steps.

  1. Click the trash can icon.
  2. Select the Weapons and Armor you don’t need.
  3. Choose the number of Weapons/Armor you want to discard and click “Discard”.
  4. Click the “Discard the items above” button.

MetaMask will ask for your confirmation at the end, so click “Confirm”, and the items will be discarded when the transaction is finished.

This image is from the Japanese page. Each number corresponds to the area to click in each step.

This is how to play the Goerli testenet version of Isekai Battle.
Stay tuned for further updates!


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