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#325: Isekai Battle Goerli Test Net Gets BGM and My Page!

Goerli test net version Isekai Battle now has background music.
Along with this, My Page, where you can set up your playing environment, has been implemented!

Goerli Test Net:

*The images are from the Japanese page, but the buttons in the instructions will be the same.

You can select on/off for the BGM when logging in.

To open My Page, click on the connected wallet address in the top right corner.

Click My Page.

My Page is in the red square.

You can now select your language from My Page!
Volume adjustments of the BGM and SFX are also available.

You can also change your icon by clicking on the Isekai Battle logo.

Select your favorite Character as your icon!

It says “Accept change” in the red square.

We plan to add more functions to the My Page!
Please look forward to further updates!

■What is Isekai Battle?

The game collaboration project derived from Isekai Anime Characters, “Isekai Battle” is a fully on-chain game in which players battle for Fragments (NFT). You will need at least 3 adventurer characters (NFT) to play the game.

Test play is currently underway on the Goerli testnet. (Only those on the whitelist for the test play version can play)


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