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#333: Get NFT of Non from “A Girl Who Becomes *** in 100 Days”!

The Twitter follower campaign exceeded 10,000 followers!
Thanks for all the support!

We have added the first 1,000 + 4,000 wallets chosen by raffle to the AL for the free mint.
Please check the spreadsheet below.


What is a free mint
It is minting, in other words creating a new NFT, for free.
However, you will need some ETH as gas fee for minting.

Get your “Non” NFT and look forward to the manga starting on March 6!

Access the mint page below and click on CONNECT WALLET in the top right to connect your wallet.

If you are connected with the wallet in the spread sheet above, the CLAIM TOKEN button will appear, so click on it.

You will move on to the wallet screen and when you execute the transaction, the minting will be complete!
*Gas fee is needed.

▼Free mint period
3:30, Mar. 3–14:59, Mar. 6 (UTC)

The image is a sample and the actual design may differ.

“A Girl Who Becomes *** in 100 Days” is a project set up for promotional purposes.

Follow @Rabbit_NFT100 on Twitter and stay tuned for more information!

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