#335: Win a New Character! Isekai Battle Seed Gathering Event!

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How was the March Seed Gathering Event?

Don’t forget the deadline, as the number of Seeds gathered (including purchases for the raffle) by 23:59 on March 31, 2023, will be counted!

The Seed Gathering event will also be held in April!

To take into account those who claimed at the end of March and to ensure that the start line is the same, the Seeds gathered from 0:00, April 8, JST, will be counted.

Don’t miss out on this chance to get an event-exclusive new Character NFT!

Game page: https://app.isekai-battle.xyz/

■Seed collecting ranking event

Top 10 with the most LUK Seeds obtained (including purchases) 0:00, April 8, JST, and on
Top 5 with most ATK Seeds, DEF Seeds, and LUK Seeds combined claimed (not including purchases) 0:00, April 8, JST, and on

will receive a yet-to-be-released Character NFT!

New Character

It takes a week to find Seeds.
You will have a chance to find Seeds when it shows Chance beside the Seed mark on the map page of Isekai Battle.

*Even if both conditions are met, you will only receive one new character NFT.
*If there are multiple tied at 10th place for the LUK Seeds and 5th place for the total number of Seeds, there will be a raffle.

▼Seed counting period
0:00, Apr. 8–23:59, May 31, 2023 JST

Anyone with 3 or more Isekai Battle Character NFTs can join this event.

We hope you’ll enjoy the game!

Character NFTs can be purchased on OpenSea.

■What is Isekai Battle?

The game collaboration project derived from Isekai Anime Characters, “Isekai Battle” is a fully on-chain game in which players battle for Fragments (NFT). You will need at least 3 adventurer characters (NFT) to play the game.

Test play is currently underway on the Goerli test net.
Ask in the Discord server if you want to try playing the game!



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