Ikegami’s reasoning on his instant decision of becoming an advisor.

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Jun 14, 2018 · 3 min read

Masayuki Ikegami, the representative of SAKURAS Co., Ltd., a company that focuses on supporting entertainment companies on their digital media strategies, has been inaugurated as one the advisors of Otaku Coin. Right after the Otaku Coin Concept Presentation’s after party, held on May 9th, Ikegame shared his interesting opinions about Otaku Coin on Twitter. We have obtained permission to share them with you in this article!

Ikegami instantly decided to be an advisor when the committee mentioned the project to him, and he has since shared his reasoning for that.

One of the reasons is in regard to “what Japan can do in the world.” After Ikegami quit his last job as a company employee, he has been to around 10 countries every year for three years. He noticed that the amount of things that “Japanese can do in the world” has greatly decreased.

Furthermore, with the feeling of the Japanese economy declining, the “premium Japanese influence” has to some extent disappeared. From now on, Japanese company will just have to compete equally with other companies in the world as global companies. Ikegami thinks that it is time to restore the “Japanese branding” that once helped the country.

In this current situation, “otaku” and “coin (cryptocurrency)” are considered precious elements, in which Japan might be able to be the leader among the world. Ikegami found that Otaku Coin, which combines these two elements, is simply one of the rare things that “Japan can do in the world.” Therefore, Ikegami wants to contribute to it. He thinks that if it is realized, it can help the world as well.

When Ikegami returned to his hometown where he was born, Serbia, he realized “how abundant Japan is.” Japan is probably turning into an old country and for this reason there are a lot of things that Japan should do. Ikegami also had an exciting “otaku talk” with UN staff who were holding an otaku event in Serbia. Not only main anime titles, but also directors’ names and other minor titles were mentioned by the staff. He realized that not only “coin” can cross the border, but also that “otaku” can.

Japan is actually considered to be a developed country from abroad, yet Japanese are only considering coin (cryptocurrency) as “something like a new FX.” The idea that Japan is a developed country in cryptocurrency is probably an overvaluation. However, Ikegami said, “instead of explaining that ‘is not the case’, why not just make it real?”

What do you think about Ikegami’s perspective; one of a Japanese person who was raised overseas?


Born in Yugoslavia, Masayuki Ikegami became a US resident during middle school, where he won an award for programming. During his days as a student, he was passionate about programming. After graduating from the Department of Science and Technology at Keio University, he entered the foreign business consulting firm A.T. Kearney. After consulting a variety of businesses, he took part in launching the DeNA and NTT Docomo joint venture Everystar Co., Ltd. and was inaugurated as the CEO. There, he created a variety of mega hit works including “Ōsama Game (King’s Game)” and “Doreiku,” as well as a smartphone novel boom. He resigned from the position in March 2015 and in April of that year founded SAKURAS Co., Ltd. He currently teaches online business strategies at the Globis University Graduate School of Management in addition to engaging in digital strategy consulting for broadcasters and publishers.

Otaku Coin

A community currency for anime, manga, and video game fans around the world

Otaku Coin

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Otaku Coin

A community currency for anime, manga, and video game fans around the world

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