Activity Report Vol.13:
New Cryptocurrency Otaku Coin to Have Its Own Specialty Wallet!

Making Otaku Coin Easier to Use

The Otaku Coin preparation committee aims to create a platform for the cryptocurrency Otaku Coin, made especially for Japanese cultural products such as anime, manga, games, and more. However, with cryptocurrencies, their names and impressions precede their reputations, and we cannot deny that some of the first responses from the people who could become Otaku Coin’s core users included “that seems difficult” and “I don’t understand it.”

Therefore, we, the Otaku Coin preparation committee, have decided to lower the cryptocurrency hurdle and are planning to create the Otaku Wallet, an Otaku Coin-specific wallet that is a new experiment in the cryptocurrency world. Anyone can use it to casually experience using Otaku Coin.

It is different from a generic Wallet app in that it is more than just a simple Wallet that lets you use Otaku Coin. There is the possibility that it will contain various functions such as the cryptocurrency itself, a community function, and the latest information related to Otaku Coin.

The idea behind Otaku Coin is to create a community currency that circulates between people holding the same world values, and this specialty Wallet will help make that idea a reality. Please look forward to it.

(We are still in the middle of developing the app’s functions and appearance, so the following images may not be accurate upon the app’s release.)