Activity Report Vol.100:[LimitedTime] A Gift Filled with Gratitude from TRIGGER! The Autographed Support Poster & Booklet Campaign is Now Open!

In response to the fans’ thoughts we delivered, they have presented us with a gift for you the fans.

Otaku Coin
Aug 27, 2019 · 3 min read

The Otaku Coin Association has really enjoyed carrying out this project. After broadcasting new information on a weekly basis, without even realizing it, our activity reports have already reached its 100th post! And we have no plans to stop here! We will continue in our mission of “delivering to studios the thoughts of fans all over the world”, as well as our activity reports for your pleasure.

With that in mind, we delivered a message of support to TRIGGER from their fans all over the world.

While we were there, we received presents in return, for their fans across the world. Presents which Producer and CEO Otsuka Masahiko autographed. You can feel the weight behind a signature from hands that have spun anime’s into existence.

The winner could be you! What are you waiting for?
Enter the giveaway campaign now!

[Entry Period] Aug. 27–Sep. 10, 2019

◆ How to Enter

Tap the campaign banner on the Otaku Coin Official App

Fill out the entry form as instructed*

Entry complete!

*1: Entry into the campaign costs 100 Otaku Coins

*2: To participate in the campaign you must follow the official Otaku Coin Twitter account and retweet the campaign post

*3: Only one entry per person. Those who enter more than once will be disqualified


-Support message poster signed by Producer and CEO Otsuka Masahiko (1 Winner!)
-Support message booklet signed by Producer and CEO Otsuka Masahiko (2 Winners!)

We’re awaiting your Entry!

Otaku Coin

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