#117:Santa Company: The secret of Christmas & Coluboccoro Will Open in Theaters Country-Wide Throughout Japan Tomorrow, Nov. 29!

Original goods are up for grabs in a limited-time lottery, and a wallpaper is available for Otaku Coin holders!

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Nov 28, 2019 · 3 min read

“Santa Company: The secret of Christmas” and “Coluboccoro” are both original theatrical anime being produced by Kenji Studio and directed by studio founder, Kenji Itoso. The movies have picked up attention for the fact that through their crowdfunding campaigns they have recovered their production costs ahead of their release.

With the movies hitting theaters throughout Japan tomorrow, the Otaku Coin Association is carrying out a collaboration project! Original goods will be up for grabs through a lottery and Otaku Coin holders will be able to get a special wallpaper.

■ About “Santa Company: The secret of Christmas”

The 2014 short anime “Santa Company” was funded and produced by Director Itoso and made use of crowdfunding, which was still rare at the time. A variety of techniques were used to also develop teaching materials for educational institutions from materials used for the anime.

“Santa Company: The secret of Christmas” is a major renewal that expands on the story of the short anime.

The studio wishes to bring the movie to even more people and has added tons of new scenes and created an even deeper story.

■ About “Coluboccoro”

“The path I believe in is the future.”

A sci-fi eco fantasy set in a world with a variety of cultures and religions, 14-year-old girl Suzu has inherited the blood of a shrine maiden with mysterious powers. She meets a nature spirit named Coluboccoro and begins to consider who she wants to be and what road she wants to take.

Winner of the Tokyo Anime Award and screened at Cannes Film Festival, these movies highly praised worldwide are getting a renewal. Through tying “Coluboccoro” and “Santa Company” together with simultaneous releases, viewers can enjoy both works even more.

■ Limited-Time Present Campaign

[Entry Period]

1. Lottery: Nov. 28 (Thu.) — Dec. 4 (Wed.), 2019

2. Wallpaper: Dec. 5 (Thu.) — Dec. 11 (Wed.), 2019

◆ How to Enter

  1. Tap the campaign banner on the Otaku Coin Official App
  2. Complete the entry form*
  3. Done!

*1. An entry fee of 100 Otaku Coins is required to enter.

*2. In order to participate in the campaign you must follow the official Otaku Coin Twitter account and retweet the campaign tweet.

*3. Only one entry per person. You cannot enter more than once.

*4. A download URL for the wallpaper will be sent after you complete your entry.

◆ Prizes

  • Set of 4 clear bookmarks(5 Winner!):Nov. 28 (Thu.) — Dec. 4 (Wed.), 2019

・Wallpaper: Dec. 5 (Thu.) — Dec. 11 (Wed.), 2019

We await your entry! Good luck!

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Otaku Coin

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