Activity Report Vol.32: Survey Results: Voices from All Over the World!

Thank you for sharing your opinions with us.

We’ve held 1-hour long interviews with 30 otaku of different fandoms to make sure Otaku Coin and the Otaku Coin wallet app are the best they can be to benefit the otaku community. One outcome of the interviews was the decision to include a feature which enables users to directly support anime creators. All anime otaku undeniably want to directly show their appreciation for and cheer on anime studios and the creators they like through financially support as well as wish to see more wonderful works from them.

If you’re following us on social media, you might already know that we conducted a survey at the end of June asking TOM fans to share their opinions with us to make sure the decisions we make are in line with what everyone actually wants. Below, we’ll share what everyone had to say!

We got 258 responses from 48 countries. It’s absolutely amazing to see that we have fans from that many countries. Of respondents, 65% were male and 35% were female. We’ll go over each of the questions in the survey now.

Q1. What kind of anime do you like?

It started with this basic question, and below is a graph with the top 10 genre people liked. Action and comedy were both in first place with 85.5% which is totally understandable because who doesn’t want to laugh or see some epic anime fights!

Q2. Please tell us the titles of anime you like.

Look at this answer below! It’s just an average answer. We absolutely love and feel their passion! However, we’ll need to skip sharing even more responses, because we could spend days writing them all out!

“One Piece, Guilty Crown, Gintama, Fairy Tail, Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass, D Gray Man, HunterxHunter, Your Lie in April, Piano no Mori, Sword Art Online, Highschool DxD, Kiss x Sis, Yosuga no sora, Mirai Nikki, Aldnoah Zero, Kabaneri of the iron fortress, shokugeki no soma, bleach, beelzebub, shakugan no shana, zero no tsukaima, soul eater…. ”

(This is just part of this single response!)

Q3. Who do you want to support?

This was a critical question because it affects what we decide Otaku Coin will become. The results showed that 43% of respondents want to support the creators or animation studios that make their favorite anime, 21.9% want to support creators who are managing to get by but have a low income, and 21.5% want to support young creators who are working hard at creating their best works.

One interesting thing we noticed is that most of the respondents from Japan stated they want to support either creators who are managing to get by but have a low income or the young creators who are working hard at creating their best works.

This is all extremely important information for us and we’ll use it to help shape Otaku Coin!

Q4. If you could ask creators a question, what would you ask?

There were way too many different responses, so we’ll just list up the top five. We’ll make sure to ask creators too!

№1 How do you usually come up with an idea or find the inspiration for characters or storylines?

№2 What motivates you to make anime?

№3 How and when is a sequel decided?

№4 How and why did you become an animator?

№5 What is the most interesting thing about making anime or manga?

Q5. If you could see pictures of the inside of an animation studio, what area would you prefer to see?

Below are the top five answers for this question.

№1 The place where animators are drawing

№2 Animators who are drawing keyframes

№3 The place where they come up with the story (concept)

№4 Anime editing area

№5 People who are working on making the animation

Q6. If you could send text messages to cheer on creators, what would you write?

These answers were such fun to read! We love all the messages that respondents would want to send. We would definitely want people to be able to send messages to creators. Below are some of the heart-touching messages.

  • Don’t forget to rest. We will still wait for you anyways.
  • You are creating something that doesn’t just matter to you it also means something to people like me. You are brave and it will pay off. You are talented. And will always improve. Everyone needs to improve and you are doing well. Keep going and changing the world one piece of work at a time. Thank you for being you. You are an inspiration.
  • I would say thanks for giving me and others such enjoyable content to watch, talk and discuss. Not only is it fun but it also helps us all to grow as people and talk about current and sometimes topical issues.
  • No matter how bad you think your anime/episode is, there is always going to be someone who loves it
  • To all creators, our heroes, thank you for showing us your passion, dreams giving us hope, understanding of this world and specially light to our paths full of obstacles. I Salute you all!
  • I think I can speak on behalf of a lot of people, but I’ll speak for myself if I say that I constantly need lots and lots of new content. Your works have inspired me to seriously start making music, and that is my choice for life. Music to express what creators want to share, to give stories a memorable soundtrack, to give life to thoughts. I wish I could do that properly and for my stories too, but that’s not important. What really matters is that your works as creators are now alive, and I really need to thank you for giving me the best reasons to become a creator (in any form).

Q7. If you could send a present to creators, what would it be?

How sweet are you guys!

  • A rose.
  • I drawing of one of their characters (FANART)
  • a care box with all they need as they have to work nights to get work done.
  • Kokoro (Heart)
  • A fanart or fan-made item of their own creation, or a letter of appreciation.
  • I would send some inspiration like a book or drawing that can maybe help if they have a hard time coming up with something.
  • A lot of money so they can get necessary tools and items to make the project thrive.
  • I would send them money, if I could, since I wouldn’t know what they’d want, so they can buy their own things, and enjoy them with the money I sent them.
  • Whatever that makes them happy, cause we, the community, will pay back anything for what they have given us ❤!

After going through the responses, we are now more clear and confident about our direction with Otaku Coin! Thank you again for all these informative opinions. We can feel your devotion and passion toward anime, and that will be our motivation!

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