Activity Report Vol.33: First Otaku Coin Free Distribution Event and FAQ

Prize doubles every week! Participate just by adding a hashtag to a tweet!

The first free distribution event for Otaku Coin began on Aug. 2! Have you participated yet? Just tweet with the designated hashtag for the week and you could be the very first person to get Otaku Coin!

The prize pool also doubles every week. This week, the prize is 2,000 XOC so it will be 4,000 XOC next week and so on. Moreover, it’s going to continue increasing until the release of the Otaku Coin application making the countdown that much more fun!

You can read details on the event here:

Other than the Otaku Coin free distribution event, we also have a giveaway! It is super simple. You just need to follow our Twitter, OtakuCoinEn, and Retweet this tweet. If this tweet reaches 300 Retweets, we will giveaway $300-worth Figures to 1 lucky winner chosen from the people who retweeted and followed us.

We received many questions about the free distribution event and the release of the application, so we compiled them in an FAQ section below. Please read on!

Q: How can I participate the free distribution event?

A: The hashtag is simple the topic of the week. For example, when the hashtag is #TweetYourWaifuHusbandoGetOtakuCoin, you should tweet something like,

“Eriri Spencer Sawamura #TweetYourWaifuHusbandoGetOtakuCoin

As long as we can see your favorite character’s name in the tweet (you can add any other comments for sure!), plus the hashtag, then it will be qualified!

Q: Can I participate in the event via Facebook?

A: Only tweets on Twitter with the hashtag will be qualified as entries. If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can make one! And make sure to check the results here: (Japanese); (English)

Q: Do I have to add both the Japanese and English hashtags to my tweet?

A: Please pick one to use.

Q: How will the Otaku Coin be distributed?

A: We will send the Otaku Coin to the prize winners through the Otaku Coin application after it is released.

Q: Since a transaction fee (Gas) will be required, will the Otaku Coin Preparation Committee cover it?

A: For now, the OCPC will cover the transaction fee (Gas).

Q: When is the application going to be released?

A: We are planning to release it sometime in summer or autumn 2018. This might be changed depending on the development progress.

Q: Is it possible that the application may not be released because of the ban on mining applications by Apple?

A: We are not planning to add a mining feature to the Otaku Coin application, and we are developing the application in accordance with Apple’s rules. However, it is possible that Apple might change their rules. If so, we will change the features in accordance with the new rules.

Q: Will the application be in English?

A: We are developing the application in both English and Japanese.

Q: Is there going to be a beta test? Can I participate?

A: For now, the beta test is not open to the public. Please wait for the official release.

Q: Is there going to be an AirDrop before the release?

A: That is still under discussion. If there is an AirDrop in advance, we will announce it here, on our Twitter ( (Japanese); (English)) and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to subscribe for email updates! ( (Japanese); (English))

Q: Will the Otaku Coin application be using EOS?

A: This is not under consideration for now.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us. You can ask us on Twitter or Facebook! We’ll try our best to answer all of them!

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