Activity Report Vol. 35: Our Project to Share Supportive Messages with Anime Studios has Begun!

Our worldwide project will directly connect fans and creators.

How did we come up with this project?

Tokyo Otaku Mode, one of the planning partners in the Otaku Coin Association (herein OCA), has come up with this interview project to show the world “how anime studios are carving out a new future.” This is a special summer 2018 project connected to the Otaku Coin mobile app that is expected to release in the summer or autumn of 2018. Another project linked with the Otaku Coin application directly connects fans and creators. As the two projects have similar intentions, connecting fans (from all over the world) and creators (anime studios that would like to participate in this project), Tokyo Otaku Mode came up with intertwining them into a dual project.

What kind of project is it?

In this era, when anime can be broadcast everywhere in the world with the internet, anime has received a lot of attention from not just in Japan but all over the world. This amazing content starts with anime creators in anime studios. This is a project that will give fans insight into anime studios based on the questions they want asked (Remember the survey we did?). We are interviewing passionate representatives, directors, producers, and more from anime studios and distributing the interview articles to anime news media all over the world with translations!

The first article will be about Junpei Mizusaki, the representative of Kamikaze Douga, known for the works Ninja Batman and Pop Team Epic.

Planned Publications

Vol. 1: Junpei Mizusaki of Kamikaze Douga (creators of Batman Ninja, Pop Team Epic, etc.)

Vol. 2–5: TBA

The articles will be published on Tokyo Otaku Mode News, Honey’s anime (US), “Anime! Anime!” (the largest anime info site in Japan), Bahamut (a Chinese anime news websites), Sumikai (German), etc. and more via distribution from Tokyo Otaku Mode.

How can I support?

In the Otaku Coin application, expected to release in summer or autumn 2018, there will be a feature that enables fan from all over the world to directly send messages of support or thanks to anime studios. The messages will be put on posters and delivered to the anime studios.

For now you can use the form below to directly send a message to Kamikaze Douga right now! If you like Pop Team Epic or Ninja Batman, tell them! Fill out the form linked below!

We will keep you updated on this project via this blog and emails. If you want to receive the newest information on Otaku Coin, please don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list!