Activity Report Vol.38: How will Otaku Coin be Distributed?

Let us explain what everyone wants to know the most, the ways to get Otaku Coin!

We have planned several ways of getting Otaku Coin. They will mainly be divided into two parts.

■ Bounty Program

Before the Otaku Coin (XOC) distribution, we are currently starting several bounty campaigns on Twitter in advance. We are planning to start these bounty programs through other social media platforms as well.

“X” refers to the currency’s existence of crossing international borders while “OC” is an acronym for Otaku Coin.

What you can receive from the bounty program before the distribution of Otaku Coin (XOC) are not on-chain Otaku Coin (ERC20 tokens), but what that you can later exchange for on-chain Otaku Coins. They will be managed by the database.

With the Otaku Coin application being launched in autumn 2018, the bounty program will begin in earnest in a simpler form.

All the Otaku Coin that you have earned from the bounty program will be automatically exchanged into Otaku Coin (XOC) that is on-chain when the app updates appropriately.(We are planning to make the exchange bet 1 Otaku Coin (OP) ⇨ 1 Otaku Coin (XOC). This exchange will take place around spring 2019.)

We will also specially issue on-chain Otaku Coins ahead of time. We will show the proof of issuance later as well.

■ AirDrop

If you have been involved in cryptocurrency, you might know about this already. AirDrop is the distribution through social media or other platforms for free to all the users who want tokens. To know when the AirDrop is scheduled, make sure to subscribe to us, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter!

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