Activity Report Vol. 41: Otaku Coin’s Development Progress

The launch of the Otaku Coin Official App is coming soon!

If you are following our Twitter account or Facebook group, you might have known that we’ve been posting about Otaku Coin’s development progress and insider information on the Otaku Coin Association recently! The content of which was information members of the Otaku Coin Association, who have been working hard for the launch of the application, wanted to share with you as soon as possible.

Echika-chan: A highschool girl from the future. The thing on her head is not an accessory but a hi-tech gadget (usage unknown). Her kind personality of always answering all the asked questions sometimes backfire. But she’ll always try her best to introduce Otaku Coin!

In this article, Echika is going to share that information with you in detail in case you missed it or wanted to know more!

During a meeting one day we thought it would be cool if all our member could wear the same T-shirt together and then got rough designs the very next day. It’s important to do something fun like this while working hard. Thanks to everyone on Twitter and Facebook for sharing your opinions on them. Once we chose the design they were delivered within a few days.

Echika: “My Size is XS, remember that! Don’t get me a wrong one!”

One of the Otaku Coin Association members has already worn the Otaku Coin T-shirt to a blockchain related event and gave a speech while wearing it!

Echika: “That’s actually an impactful T-shirt! How about wearing this in Akihabara!”

Above is the design of our upcoming landing page that will be used when the Otaku Coin Official App is released! Although it’s still under construction, we wanted to give you a peek as soon as possible!

Echika: “The starry background looks nice, right?”

What could this be? Cute chibis? Might this be in the app? We can’t wait for it! We’re doing our best!

Echika: “Aren’t these… us…!? That means we’ll have more chance to meet everyone!?”

Otaku Coin has become the partner of a blockchain related game! This is a step forward again for Otaku Coin! The game is “MyCryptoHeroes” and is made by which develops blockchain games. You might be able to earn Otaku Coin through the game. It’s highly expected Otaku Coin will appear in more games as a first try in the game industry.

Echika: “Hope to see Otaku Coin in more games!!!”

The Otaku Coin Official App will release very soon. We really wanted you to see something of it, so here is just a peek into the specifications.

Echika: “Thanks to our engineers for their hard work!”

Also, here’s a new design for the Otaku Coin! It might be related to something. Let us give you a hint!

This is the last thing we wanted you to see as soon as possible, a little surprise for the fans who have been following us since the beginning!

Echika: “A different presentation of the Otaku Coin! Hope that you’ll like it!”

We will continue to work are hardest, so look forward to the Otaku Coin Official App!

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